great landscape

Some women were made to be flowers, others fruits, roots, stems and leaves.

Although most wanted to be flowers, that  is  not  how  mother  nature  painted

its great landscape. As roots, you became the foundation  whose  grip  on  the

earth makes the tree strong, as stems, you carry the weight of many,  bending

when necessary, as leaves,  you catch the tears from the sky and  renews  life

with its breath, as fruits, you nourish the forgotten, gives strength  to  the  poor,

as flowers, you are made to be adored and admired and your fragrance is felt

in all important occasions..




8 responses to “great landscape

  1. Kris
    You always amaze me with your poetry… As a women I am not sure what part I would like to be — although throughout my life I can relate to taking on the different roles as you describe them SO POETICALLY as life called my attention to the need.

    I am on your email list and I do read all your poems – your repertoire continues to hold me captive in the most spell bound way.

    I will do better at commenting.


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