Pointing Fingers

GPS went into the ring pointing fingers at the federal for Sarawak’s plight and lack of privileges. So are other states GPS, so are other states. So, you do not need to single yourself out as special and capitalise on that to win votes, which is your ulterior motive. Kingmaker or no kingmaker, every party who decides to shift from one party to another to enable a government to be formed are also kingmakers , not only you. Your arrogance leaves a bitter taste inside our mouths. Your stupidity is laughably. You claim Sarawak was slighted for sixty years. What about your bumiputera statuses? Wasn’t it extended to your people? How about the MPs your residents voted for and the state excos and their representations in Parliament for the last sixty years ? Did they not debate and fight favourably for your benefit? It has always been steered and piloted by Sarawakians for Sarawakians. And the votes came from Sarawak. Thus the arrows should be directed to them and also your own people for poor exertion instead of blaming the people and the federal government of the peninsula. That is unfair and absolutely deceiving. If there are any systemic sidelining of your state and diversion of coffers , and Sarawak has not progressed, perhaps you may prefer to probe Taib Mahmud instead. Right now, brace for negotiations with open arms instead of confronting other parties with a tight fist and high handed bitterness. Charge Taib Mahmud if you will since you are helming Sarawak now. Why don’t you? My two cents.

Abuse Of Power

Invoke had once again been raided and documents seized. Invoke has also received notices from the Customs Department to inspect their premise. Since Rafizi is currently busy with his nightly election cockers, it leaves us to ponder why don’t they wait till the elections is over? Is it to disrupt his momentum on winning seats for PH? Or to uncover the source behind Invoke’s funding capability? Deploying underhand tactics and our executive machinery to scare, intimidate or uncover evidences to implicate a candidate is a sure sign of desperation by a losing government and a blatant abuse of power. There is nothing more deplorable than to watch how they abuse power to retain power. Democracy is dead in their hands. Regrettable, but it already happened.

Election Laws

As a seasoned politician, Zahid is unfit to lead. In his capacity as party president, he is supposed to be familiar with election laws and the functions of the Agong in appointing the PM of the day. But when he made the statement that our Agong would be given a few names to choose from, he is either deceiving the rakyat or totally unclear of the rules and function of our Agong. Our Agong merely ‘appoints’. He is not tasked to ‘pick’ his favourite candidate. Which means Zahid clearly has nothing inside his head. Inside the Federal constitution, for it is written, our Agong merely ‘acts on advice’. [Article 40] Even-though the Agong may act in his discretion in the appointment of a Prime Minister [40(2)(a)], the Agong is not tasked to shop around and choose who he prefers. Rather, the Agong merely endorses the candidate ‘who in his judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that house [43(2)]. And this majority comes from the party/coalition that wins the election. It is common procedure that after the elections, the coalition who wins the government gets to submit the name of the candidate of their choice to the Agong for endorsement. And not the loser. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be more than one name unless the majority is undecided.

But if the majority has agreed and is certain who they want which means this candidate is supported by the majority, then, the Agong has no choice but to abide to the wishes of the MPs in support of who they think is the rightful candidate. Not unless the candidate they chose is disqualified [48]. Thus, It is misleading to believe our Agong has the right to select who he wants.

Thus, during the previous coup after which the backdoor government is formed, the crooks uses the power of the Agong to gag the public who then requested for SDs from each MP so that the end result would be to their liking. This procedure was ill advised by the Haron brothers whom twisted the constitution to manipulate the outcome.

There are throughout every living democracy only two types of voting procedures. The first is by ‘show of hands’ and the second is by ‘secret vote’. Show of hands is where hands are raised in support of the candidate and the results tabulated right before the eyes of every voter. Using secret ballot, the tabulation is the same. Only that the way they vote is casted by naming your preferred candidate inside a piece of paper. SDs? A deceptive ploy unless each and every copy is displayed for the house to tabulate the results.

Can I tell you something?

I am startled at the sizeable assets these politicians have brought to the table when asked to declare their assets. Seems to me that to be a politician, you need to be rich to be able to give away free provisions to bribe the voters. But I don’t understand how is it that they kept on claiming that their party is poor and that’s why they need to do crowd funding when some of them even have enough to support their own constituency for a full term!

Perils of our Anti Hopping Act

When 222 MPs voted for the Anti Hopping law to be passed without noticing or realising the loopholes in the Act, that is to me, not a mistake. For I cannot imagine matters of such importance fails the scrutiny of 444 opened eyes? many of whom are practicing lawyers when it was deliberated and tabled in Parliament, or that this issue was never brought up in party meetings before? not unless they were all sleeping on the job. Another more convincing reason would be that it was left there as a safety net, sort of a pressure relieve valve. Because if 222 MPs could miss such glaring flaws, I hate to say this but our country is better off without them.

In the Act so it was summarised, “no individuals can party hop without a by-election being called, not unless their respective party ceases to exist or that the individual is sacked.” (Not in its exact words) It makes one ponder if it is more menacing to leave that lice crawling all over your head for years at end, then let it leave voluntarily or to nip it in the bud~ I mean, to exterminate it ?

Affected parties I heard are now hastily amending their own party constitution to plug in these two glaring loopholes sometimes I wonder how they could side step the umbrella ruling preferably amended with a 2/3rds majority inside parliament.

And what happens if let’s say parties (instead of individuals) hop en bloc to form coalitions at the expense of our voting choices, and against their own doctrine, ideology and election manifesto? Aren’t that too much of a compromise to make especially when it comes to infringing our rakyats liberty and freedom of choice?

So what does these two flaws have to say about the Anti Hopping Act so far?

One more thing… are the coalitions legitimately formed and registered with the Societies Act? Who are the named component parties in these legitimate coalition? And are these component parties barred from joining/forming other coalitions?

I hate to imagine the consequences if in the event no single party commands a simple majority in Parliament this coming GE15~ my concern is “Just how many of them would be caught sleeping with their enemy in the end for the sake of power and control?” Because at the end of the day, when the curtains draw to a close, the coalition association patterns is likely going to be~ police making camps with police, thieves with thieves, religious with religious…
If Sheraton Move can happen once before , what makes you think it won’t happen again?”

Qualities of a leader

“I value wisdom more than intellect, integrity more than capability, humility more than eloquence, patriotism more than charisma, a doer more than a dreamer besides one who inculcates stability in the country more than progress and meritocracy more than equality. These are the qualities I prefer in a leader. And I will give leaders who promote quota beit by race, seniority, sex or special privileges a miss. Albeit in education, work, government contracts, budget, promotion opportunities or the likes.
My concerns I’m sure are many peoples concern. Why can’t we give ten women candidates a chance if they display better leadership skills than ten foul mouthed men in Parliament? Why do we keep flooding our market with lorry loads of professionals who underperforms as undergraduate students? Why do we deny placements in universities for brilliant students into courses and electives they prefer eventhough they qualify?
If idiots are all garlanded with assorted degrees, soon, we would all be living with scalpels left inside our bodies, bridges and buildings that fails, a falling ringgit, and continue to have politicians who are convinced changing white shoes to black have effect over our students performance. We already have a minister who thought hot water can cure Covid, and another so excited about flying cars.
By your thoughtless quotas, you only create animosity, mistrust and anger amongst the non Malays, then wonders why they wouldn’t vote for you in each and every election.”

Nothing Intellectual

“There is nothing intellectual to steer us away from an economic collapse if we study BN’s or PN’s manifesto as compared to PH’s, and their election budget and handouts are signs of a desperate need to cling onto power. Handouts though tempting brings no benefit to our country. And if you love our country, you should reject the handouts which btw is communism which btw is non Islamic.
When we do something for ourselves, we must also consider the impact of our actions measured against the consequences it has over the entire community, state where we live and nation. Not just your own family. Right now, we cannot have a band of robbers running our country .”