bun and an egg tart

you grooved up

my Sunday morning

with a simple

bun and an egg tart

but was charmed

by that starry-eyed actor

in the movie instead


after he crashes

his car and died

we walked to the swing

for a bite

I was very happy indeed

but as for you

I quietly grinned


god blesses his soul never to arise again..




the nest

One night, two birds were seen arguing over

who  should  be  tending  over  the  nest they

both built high atop the tree.  The fact is both

of them should. But because they both loved

the nest,  they thought that  building the nest

was all there is to do. And so, they were both

seen  busily building  the nest day in and day

out.  For some peculiar reason, each weren’t

conscious over what the other had done and

in  their  haste,  they  forgot  to  stop,   admire

nor praise each other for the fine  handiwork.

Instead,  both of them kept complaining  that

the other should be doing the  tending.  Well,

the moon just beamed its widest smile. “It  is

a strong nest!”  the  moon  says. ” Needed no





garden of reflection

I trailed you down

that garden of reflection

and hope that you would turn away

I trailed you down

that monsoon of uncertainty

and hope that you would burn away

all those bridges of calamity and sorrow

linking our comforts and happiness

with displeasures and negativity

I trailed you down

and hope that you would

quickly discard it all away

and focus only on the goodness..





as I sat there helpless

watching you roughen

these two nights

with whimper

it saddens me

that my umbrella

could not shade

the vulnerability

oozing down your cheeks


as I sat there speechless

watching you roughen

these two nights

with whimper

where my umbrella

could not shade

and words could not reach

I held you close to me

to ease your vulnerability


and turn whimpers

into loving joy

oozing with promise..




true lover

you sparkled

the darkest of my nights

one by one like a fluffy

honeyed mustard moon..


you rained

posies down on me

and make me gaze up

in childlike bewilderment..


you pamper me

into a cow that now glow

pink lips flushing

in the bright green meadow


and now

you even protected me

from being sliced

by that black scary egg


certainly a gift

only from a true lover..