how to write good poems 2

ton dna sdrow  htiw  gniyalp  yojne  uoy  esuaceb  etirw

,ecnatpecca ,noitnetta naig nac uoy kniht uoy  esuaceb

ton   si  ti  fi  dna  .ti  htiw  sehcir  dna   emaf  ,ytiralupop

yojne  dna  gnitirw tuoba etanoissap  era uoy esuaceb

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eb  lliw ti ,flesruoy ot eurt dna sgnileef ruoy htiw tsenoh

ot deen on si ereht erofereht dna  sgnitirw  ruoy  ni  tlef

..srehto hcuot nac gnitirw ruoy fi yrrow


and perhaps all the ruins that man

discovers deep in the interiors are

but  remnants of  a  civilization  not

lost  but  abandoned  in   favor   of

basic needs~ growing tails whilst

developing strong shoulders  and

arms  to  help  them  swing   from

tree  to  tree..