Tongue Twisting

As one gets older, one’s voice mellows down. One could no longer attain that pitch one used to be able to achieve and the voice crackles- intermittently just as it whimpers- intermittently. Occasionally one will find oneself tongue twisting through certain words one never had difficulty pronouncing before. And occasionally needing to catch ones breath to stress sentences out from ones chest. One may be well built but as one ages, there certainly are other elements that creeps in that are beyond our control, or repair.

Perils of an Artist

“One certainly doesn’t need a bfa to be an artist cos really, anyone can be an artist but to make good art, one needs to at least learn the basics about art and understand material properties and it’s applications which one could only learn from art schools but learning the basics and making good art after having graduated from an art school doesn’t help one sell art for to sell art, one needs to be equipped about business, marketing and trade besides persuasive communication which means you need to go to other schools or you can take the short cut route which is to patronize and wiggle your way through curators, gallerists, auction houses, the media or dealers and swallow some of their shits cos really, they are the middlemen who are trained somehow, to promote and sell works by artists to art lovers but of course many middlemen also screwed up because many are untrained and worse, doesn’t have the slightest clue about what art is but came into the field to earn some quick bucks but patronizing them and thus having your art sold doesn’t guarantee that you’d be paid cos really, to be paid, you have to have a good working relationship with them or be of any worth to them to get paid so you either go back to school again or take the short cut route and use brawn which means you also need to go back to school for clobbering lessons cos really some curators, gallerists, auction houses and dealers only understand brawn before you get paid but to use brawn, you need to have guts which most people unfortunately does not possess but you can get some self help books to boost your guts or get some training otherwise you can start or join an artist collective but artist collectives are filled with artists like you who only knew art and like you, they may also need to go to many schools to learn about business, marketing, and effective speaking to get paid or like you they’d start to talk shits that collectors doesn’t want to hear thus unglamorizing the valued opinions they have about you before you open your shitty gab or there are far too many members in the collective which means that all the art that was sold or can sell would be heavily fragmentized your take home earnings is but a shitty pittance you won’t be left with enough to pay for brushes or bills so you may again need to take another short cut and console yourself that the art trade is really difficult either you don’t sell or best, to leave it to the gallerists, dealers and auction houses to know your worth and the only way for them to find you worthy is to focus and hone your skill and concentrate on your art to make good art thus leaving the selling to others cos in reality, some artists, like their art should best be kept at a distance, to be admired from afar.”