I pelt at your feet.

That your fragrance may envelope me.

That I may continually experience love.

Inside darkened alleys…



Photographs heals enmity as much as it can bring tears to one’s eye. At its extreme end, it can invoke anger and hatred.

Information Overload

“There is Information and misinformation overload everywhere, everyday, across the globe, in the internet and clearly, if one wanted to sieve the truth out from all the false news left suspended in the cloud, it is a futile hope because out there somewhere is the correct information you need with no clear indication of proper direction in sight.”


“I believe there is a God. Some believe there is Only one. Some thought there is none. And some believe there are many. And therein concludes our little, little differences which gradually piles up into centuries old feud. And in our quest to seek the all powerful invincible God who largely remains invisible and powerless in solving world calamities, we became divisive and destroy others who believe otherwise. If humans were born of God, why aren’t we exuding the all natural traits of love, peace, happiness and forgiveness inherited us? Not unless we came from dust as some believe- dust, being residues of all things destroyed. Hence, our destructive tendency.”


Awards were given in retrospect towards ones service, effort or contribution to a cause or many causes. Even if he insults you today , that has nothing to do with his past service, effort or contribution. And your award is given in recognition of that. Not anything else and definitely not because of allegiance.