Artistic Worth

“There is no level to measure one’s artistic skill and therefore artistic worth is rampant across the board. Artistic worth is not about imagination and skill alone. Imagination and skill are only crucial in art contests. Artistic worth also leans on consistency, productivity, title creativity, oratory skills, deportment and realistic pricing. And when all these points are kept in check, one’s artistic worth gradually heightens just as one’s reputation increases. Leave fame alone. Fame can be subtly promoted by your close association with the right people, or it can be controlled by market forces. Unusual market forces rarely if ever, thought artistic worth matters, as much as we like them to be. Unusual market forces are frequently moved by greed manipulated by speculators. Bankability without recognizing what artistic worth is sadly resonates better with them. That doesn’t count if one wants to judge the true artistic worth of each artist.”

Small dollops

“A woman’s heart is like a sieve. If you want to give them something, give them in small dollops like a gravy train with multiple coaches with no end in sight. If you lavish them with an Audi thinking that’ll stop them from querying your whereabouts for one month or that it’ll stop her from assaulting your Facebook with image tags that you belong to her, please understand. Your Audi, just like a small box of chocolate or one kiss or a bud of rose are all of the same weight. It is just one dollop filling up one coach, on a gravy train, with no end in sight. My advice: Let them buy the Audi themselves.”

Sluggish Economy?

You don’t relate art to a sluggish economy or just because China clamps down on illicit cash. Since when has collectors ever refuse good art even when there is a sluggish economy? To be exacting, since when has cash rich art collectors ever been affected by poor economy? The reason for a poor performing auction is attributed to the unavailability of good works or the inability of the curator or auctioneer to smell market demand. The more those who deals in illicit cash comes to the forefront of the auction market and does a buying frenzy, the least the Chinese government will suspect them. They all know it. Chinese are smart people. Competitors try to deflate the confidence of the Chinese market for few reasons but one unobvious reason is that they fear most good artworks will all land into the hands of the Chinese one day.

State we are in

The righteous refuse to be leaders. They prefer to shout from the base. And then grumble when things go wrong. They thought they were born to take care of their own interest while others are responsible for the shit they are facing. This is the state we are in.