we  have  had  many  good  years

and    like    many    strong    trees

we have withstood  many  a  gale

and survived the freezing months

and   that’s    all    I    believed    in


I am paced  to  walk  more  years

down  the  path  that  we  cleared

and imagined  it  to  be  our  aisle

then   take   in   all    the    blooms

that    scatters   outside   our   sill


and  that’s  how  our   journey  is

never    indifferent    from   others

never    imposing    but     special

because  sunshine   more   than

always   illuminated   our    tears


that      nourishes      the      seed

that                                rainbowed

even   the  darkest   of  darkness

that I must admit do  sometimes

blind  the   faith   in  each   of   us


but      like       conjoined       twins

outside     that     picture      frame

we   have   overcomed    distress

and reaped the fruits  we  sowed

always                               together


I   remained   always   faithful   to

our           one           commitment

and    I   hope    that    we    could

sustain our breath and  lengthen

what      we       have      cultivated


till            we            grow          old

if      I       may      be     so      bold

to unravel  the  truth  we  planted

that  we are a  bigger  part  of  us

and  that  we   belonged   to    us




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