GE to happen now?

“Pahit is pushing for GE to happen now not because he thought it timely to give the mandate back to the public because the rakyat is happy when the judiciary is seen to be independent, but because by the stroke of luck, his only threat for the PMs post, pink lips is now serving jail time, and turtle egg is no match for him thus he sees this as the most opportune time for him to take over the government as the new PM, then quash all the 47 charges weighing heavily on his belt. Faham tak?”


“I do not think our Agong would want to meddle with Jib’s case or he would have interfered, before the judgement. After the sentencing, though the process has to follow hierarchy, the Agong would be seen as interfering, bias, and a partner in crime to Jib. Moreover the memorandum submitted by the public to pardon Jib wasn’t representative of neither were they endorsed by the ruling coalition because their leaders weren’t seen at the Istana, their voices, being silenced by Bersih’s petition.”

Not Within the Ambit

“Our Agong’s primary duty is to endorse a candidate that has received the majority of votes in Parliament, to be our pm. The pm then chooses his own deputy as well as names his entire cabinet, again with the Agong’s endorsement. That’s all. In other words, he is the rubber stamp.
With due respect, It is not within the ambit of our Agong to dictate who our pm should be, and the manner in which the choosing shall be conducted. He acts on advice. And Parliament rules are all described in the Act.
For unity reasons, voting must be seen to be swift, open, and orderly. At all cost must factions, dissent, and suspicion be avoided from happening. That is the reason why MPs must congregate, vote, and make known the results straightaway in Parliament. Beit by secret vote or better, by show of hands. With due respect, during the previous crisis, the Agong had been seen to be minding and fiddling, and the process reverses. Apparently being ill advised by the speaker who is strangely a constitutional law expert.
With the agong affirming the voting through secret sds, then again, interviewing the MPs who voted with the sds without revealing the vote count before Parliament convenes, and again observing if the MPs still endorses the candidate they have chosen in their sd, what then is the basis and function of the statutory declaration (sd) if it isn’t self verified?
If the Agong is not careful, he would be seen to be taking sides, if the pm chosen is not in tune to conventional wisdom which is exactly how certain factions crafted it in this manner, to gag the rakyat using the Agong’s interference. And that, with due respect, is unhealthy. And it should not happen again.”

Certifying your laziness

“Are you guys officially certifying your laziness by reducing the weekly work hours from 48 to 45? It doesn’t make a difference when the majority of you works only 2 hours a day prorate to consecutive years of maternal leave, jamuan, lepaking, sembang sessions dan sebagainya. So it is done to induce votes?

Ghost Transaction

“Out of rm9b, rm6b has been paid out according to paper record. But not even one ship has been delivered, after six years. The six ships technically never existed physically. But only on paper. But has been paid in full, because the original contract sum was rm6b for 6 ships. Then the unwarranted unexpected change of vendor occurs on the sixth year. Assumably the ministry in charge made an upgrade, and the original order was cancelled and refunded. Otherwise, how could one change to a new vendor and a new design when works are in progress, without ascertaining the risks concerning cancellation of order and reimbursements written in the first contract? Ironically, the procurement sum is again elevated by another rm3b, making it a grand total of rm9b for the new purchase, to the makers of the Scorpene submarine that could never dive. So who directed the change and who is he in consultation with? Which ministries are involved?
You know what? I think it is a ghost transaction. Only happens on paper.”