Nothing Works

If you had known that the usual system doesn’t work, why then do you still work within that system if not to reassure yourself that nothing works?


Sun Dried

“Once wilt sets in, lift yourself off that branch and drift to the ground. Let your decaying self nourish the soil so that budding leaves may once again bloom on the same branch that once held you. Of course you may also hung on tightly and remain. Wrinkled and browning as compared to the rest. Being repeatedly sun-dried.”

My Writing Style

“I don’t write to please anybody but myself. If and when I write, my choice of words are mine. That’s what makes it distinct from others. That’s called style. My writing style. Not yours. Not others. Every writer has their own style of writing. If you find that hard to chew, you are probably never a writer. Thus, if you don’t like my style of writing , I am not compelling you to read what I write. If I publish a book, don’t buy my book. Because you need to possess an expanded brain up to that level of consciousness to understand why a writer writes the way they write. My choice of words are sacred to me. It probably doesn’t mean anything to you. So be it. A good artist would have told you the same thing if you try to change his style.”