I’m a Father

A Priest Was Walking In A Garden.

A Little Girl Came Up To Him And Asked.

Little Girl : “Why Do You Wear Your Collar Backwards ?”

Priest : “I’m A Father !”

Little Girl : “My Father Doesn’t Wear His Collar Like That.”

Priest : “I’m A Father Of Many.”

Little Girl : “My Father Has 4 Boys & 4 Girls, But Yet He Doesn’t Wear His Collar Backwards, Then Why Do You ?”

The Priest Started Getting Impatient & Answered Angrily.

Priest : “I’m A Father Of Hundreds Of Boys & Girls. That’s Why.”

Little Girl : “Maybe You Should Use A Condom & Wear Your Pants Backwards Instead Of Your Collar.!”

(The Priest Fainted)

(Author Unknown)