Piece of Paper

That piece of paper is worthless to an artist. Not unless you wanted to teach art. Ultimately your credential lies on your talent and ability to seduce the viewer and how you choose to promote yourself.

Like A Mad Dog

Some people feel the need to talk a lot with the littlest sense they make. If you have the urge to blab and bark, especially at my postings because you feel lonely or have an uncanny urge to be heard, display some common courtesy please. Doesn’t cost you anything to like the posting first even though you have opposing views. The worst are those who didn’t read carefully and possesses muddled thoughts. They go off-topic. Like a mad dog.

Immortality is Achievable

The more advance science becomes, the more men learnt that newer technology can deter aging or aid in healing by regenerating or replacing damaged bodily tissues and parts, not just skin, the more men wouldn’t fear death and thus they become more vicious and reckless with themselves, since immortality is achievable if one can afford the medicine. On a good note, it may stop violence totally since it gets harder to dispose off your enemies by the day.