Dream State

“Anwar is forever in dream state.
If there’s anyone who could do ph in, is his compromise to work with the spiteful old fox whom are trying very hard to finish ph off by proposing to work with anwar because this old fox knew that this is the only way ph can lose in this coming election. I believe this old fox is heavily compensated for this effort to finish off ph the same way he was heavily compensated to allow Sheraton move to happen. That is also the reason why this old fox made a public announcement very early on to want to work with anwar so that anwar’s and ph supporters will lose faith in ph. It’s reverse psychology. I hope anwar will not fall into this old fox’s ploy by discussing or working with the old fox. If he does, either anwar is a total blurr clock or that anwar is also paid heavily to lose. Something no one could have guessed his continuous loss.”


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