when muallaf begins

in true cinematic ambience

without so much

of an applausable audience

octopussy came alive

when muallaf begins

its lovely

i know now

my two lenses can work separately..

i was cheeky

i came out smiley

not knowing

what the show was all about

but it was memorable

truly enjoyable hehe..

and the meal

was truly memorable

what a day!




suspicious mind

I know

that what overcame me

was utterly destructive

and unnecessary

over a contemplative morning


I needed to work on

my emotions

that caved in to fiery anxiousness

and a suspicious mind

in the forgettable night


I know i shouldn’t have

I thought you needed to know

that behind all these

is a guy who adores you

and loves you

immeasurably deep




the hunter part 2

In his last bid to free himself from  the merciless  quicksand,

the  hunter  inches himself closer to that small vine  besides

the  pit.  As he  gripped that  little stem firmly and hung  on to

it  with  his   last  ounce   of  strength,  he  was   amazed  and

impressed  with  how  that  blooming  vine  took  grip  of  that

soil.  He expected it to give way and be uprooted  like  all  the

others, but no!  it  stood there  firmly, as  if  to  tell  him  never

to give up. On his sweat drenched face, the hunter managed

a grin.  He smiled  a little smile as he pulled himself up. The

hunter knew that he was finally released from that hell  hole.

He knew that he would finally be going home..

Escaping  from  that  leacherous slimy body that coiled  him,

nearly crushing him to amorphousness,   the  hunter  rested

on  that patch of  jungle clearing besides the vine.  Spent, he

lay faced down. Unknowingly, he dozes off..

In  his dream,  he  felt  warmth  radiating  from a light source

above.  He  saw  a vision of  that blooming vine transforming

itself into a faintly figure of a  woman he  never knew existed.

In that dream, he found himself lifted up towards that  faintly

figure-  and  that  image fluttered in  front of him and handed

him her heart. He noticed  how delicately perfect  her fingers

were.  He noticed  those  beautifully  carved  cheeks and  her

happy iridescent gaze.  The  hunter grinned again. This time,

he   understood  that  he  was   actually   home.  The   hunter

accepted her heart..




a christmas bouquet

today I sent you a bouquet

a bouquet unlike other bouquets

a bouquet that accounts for the special relationship

I have with you

a bouquet that blooms in your heart

but not your palm

a bouquet that does not wilt

but remains eternal

its a bouquet of poems

with each petal rhyming a special meaning

of its own

just for you

poems that pour out in spontaniety

poems not from a poet

but poems that accounts for all the special moments

we had together

though brief


is the christmas bouquet I have for you

etched in words

lost in cyberspace

it is here when

love began to bloom

and where we found magic

and so

I pledge this bouquet just for you

a bouquet that will forever remain..




baby level

I have never looked at myself

the way you looked at me


when I reminisce

I cannot recall who I was before

subdue sets in a long time ago

I was dimmed in twilight

until our eyes met


with tearful glitter

you have brought joy to the unheard

you held onto me and led me to prostrate

at baby level

I was blinded by the change


but then

I see you in my eyes

& managed to peek

at the world

living in your irises


quietly I let you


I cannot recall who I was before

until the day our eyes met..




let our dreams be

let our dreams be

the foundation of our dedication

let it spread its wings

through haunts and delights

let it flourish through

our hopes and our minds creation

& let it float

through the cascades and draperies


be our promise and

start of our new chapter

be our steps that

makes countless imprints in the sand

be our breath

when the winds blow

and linger with us

till we are fully realised

till our dreams no longer float on uncertainty

but quiver and vibrate

into lovely melodies

as the strings are played on the harp

let our dreams be..




your love conquers over all

if my abruptness & selfishness

has led you to disillusionment

I am sorry but after having thought over it

your love conquers over all


if my impulsiveness & inconsideration

has led you to assume the worse

I am sorry but after reflecting over it

your affection overrides all


if my complicatedness or childlikeness

has led you to disenchantment

I am sorry but after mulling over it

your selflessness overcame all


over time

your simple display of trust, honesty & goodwill

will lead me to plunge inside your heart

and swim towards your harbour


where both of us can be free..




tonight she brought me a rose

tonight she brought me a rose

yes, a rose that will never wither

a rose to lift me up

a rose to purify all badness


tonight she wore white

a woman as pure as the colour she wore

a woman with a pure heart

who cures me with her purity


tonight she cleanses my yesterday

a yesterday that was brimmed with sadness

a yesterday that I wish to discard

and gave me a tomorrow that I belonged


tonight all sensibilities appeared

a devotion I never thought existed

a devotion I never thought I will be showered with

indeed you really care


because you drive that extra distance

I know we’d be alright..




cupid & the meteor showers

it was a magical night!


when the sky was draped

with showers of meteor

it was a night that was indeed

never contemplated to be


but who could have guessed?

when gemini and cupid

thought otherwise..

and showered us with meanings

that far exceeded our longing


from a simple grub at boston

to the wonderful stroll in the park

we both discovered more than


the darts of cupid lit the night sky

bringing us together as one

body, mind & spirit


in a garden scattered with stargazers

&  street lamps that lighted our way..

we both found true love

we felt safe in each others arms

under the cooling night sky


it was a magical night!





you circled my life

with your gentle little footsteps

as I circled watching you

your past, your present, your future

became clearer to me by the day

when I trailed you, you became the little girl

that I wanted to carry home

the circles I made with my footsteps

encircled yours

and before long

we glided in gaily laughter and harmony

to the beat of our hearts

and those footsteps

shall continue to make meaningful formations

in ode to our willingness

not to side step one another

not to overtake each other

not to step on each other


let our footsteps

be our promise when we come close

let it guide us

in the circles of our life




canopy of rain

as I watched my own reflection

staring back at me

from the puddle after a mild shower,

I asked myself if we are living

under a canopy of rain


as I runneth my hands over your hair

you stared at me

as you muddle over the love I shower

I asked myself if we are only playing

over that canopy of rain


as I watched you beam with hope & love

that stares back at me

as I fumbled in the shower

I asked myself if we are in denial

outside that canopy of rain


but chances are that

if we continue to bleak &  live

with the canopy of rain

hanging over our head and doorstep

let us rather cross

that threshold in mutiny

and leave that canopy of rain

behind us..




dance of the unicorns

there is never a moment

more incredible in my life

than to watch us dance

two unicorns by the beach

at the wake of the full moon


while the waves orchestrate its inherent melody

and the crabs were busily combing the sand

you and I galloped in perfect timing

chanting sweet nuances

when the wind was at its utmost calm


as we trod on lovers mountain

as we locked in physical embrace

the silhouettes conjoined as cupids danced


there is never a moment

more significant in my life

let us cherish it..





our love

like a dewdrop

descends down the leaf

in quiet sparkle

with the sunlight

as spectators

creating a setting

of pure content,


& soothe

a floating reverie

of coolness

& serenity

before landing lightly

onto the waters below

creating a gentle ripple

that opens up

a new array

of experiences

and a refreshing



our believe..