MADANI bed bugs

It appears that every government agency, instead of imposing upon their own tardiness, now has their own incriminating guidelines on proper dress codes meant for the public to adhere to, which at best incriminates upon the MADANI concept the Prime Minister is inculcating. So where may we know is the MADANI essence when the smell of puke aligns it’s vision which is
“To build a sustainable and prosperous Malaysia based on care and compassion, mutual respect, innovation, and trust, where inclusiveness and equality are embraced by the whole nation – ultimately a just Malaysian society”?

I believe no one needs to be taught the concept of properness in restrained behaviour and dressing if we are summoned by relevant departments to facilitate important appeals, applications, and approvals and no one at their level best given their circumstance they are in, would try to infringe upon the dress codes which would translate into unfavourable decisions and delays in awarding licenses and government contracts besides encountering difficulties in clearing up government matters, bills etc. But already, there have been mindless cases of discrimination being videotaped, to show us what it is like in dealing with emergencies~ where the police and hospitals shows no remorse nor mercy trying to insist that ‘distressed victims of robbery, accidents, rapes and kins of patients should adhere to guidelines if not nothing would be done for them? Is it really that a rape victim must go back home, groom themselves as if they had not been raped before a police report can be made? And next of kins telling a stroke patient to wait till they get a bath, dressed up properly, find themselves a decent pair of shoes or chances are the hospital wouldn’t admit them? What kind of mindless society have we entrap ourselves into?

In reality, it is in our society’s opinion nothing but lame excuses to deflect responsibilities and workload suspiciously mechanised by invisible hands to infuriate and inconvenience the general public into believing that the Anwar government is not the best government one could have. So when may I ask is the government going to descend upon these little little minute Napoleons whom are trying their level best to hijack his MADANI relevance with their own version of law and order? Where then is the Madani spirit of care, compassion, mutual respect, inclusiveness and equality going to? And when will this silliness end?

Uniforms and dress codes is important for those of us who works in government departments and agencies, schools, uniformed bodies, hospitals, jails, factories and service industries to distinguish themselves from the public. They are worn also to differentiate between the blue and white collar workers, to divide the ranks and files according to hierarchy, statuses and responsibilities of each working individual. It also helps to assists the public in identifying one authority from the other. But targeting dress codes for the general public instead?

For as long as decency does not infringe upon indecent exposure, where is that thin line that clearly distinguishes between what is considered decent and what is not? And whose uncouth libido do we use as yardage? Do these little Napoleons ever realise that comparing the length of skirts, slits and tops to their misaligned imagination is offensive against women-hood whose rights to be covered is now infringed upon by those who thoughts are even more murky than a smelly drain?

This issue which was a non issue then , should now be urgently addressed by our esteemed and capable Prime Minister in all fairness to be complied by all relevant bodies and ministries. Decide once and for all, who wears a tie and who doesn’t Decide a penalty for all front-liners who cultivate such indifferences. Get rid of the bed bugs now lining your mattress. These are the littlest we ask of you.


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