4 responses to “mad dad bad dad

  1. fad rad
    tad sad
    bad dad

    Hello. Thanks for visitng my blogcasa. 🙂 Yeah, some of us do ‘grow’ and evolve and expand.
    Others not so much.

    New theme–dark with the light at the end—very cool, fiveloaf.

    • hi 47, it is rough water for everyone when we first write then after a while when the sediments settle the picture would become clearer for us to stake our direction. my blog is already on auto pilot now not because of my poems or proses or links or subscriptions or participating in poem communities (which i have stopped due to the fact that the hits are obligatory fakes) but because i found a necessary subject worth conserving and that is proverbs, ditties, rhymes, phrases and sayings uttered by my forefathers and us, and from then on strangers from faraway places of the same origin had been visiting! but writing is not my bread and butter but a hobby so, i am not pressured, i don’t get writers block and i don’t canvas for fans nor selling spaces in my blog to advertisers. as for you i strongly believe the red indian community has their own concerns too and they are heard through you and believe me, what you propogate is essentially relevant and necessary because the awareness is what modern society needs. After so many years, I have seen many in my blogroll dropped out and its a pity!

      • Good Morning fiveloaf. I concur with a great deal of what you say. I do my best with whatever interests me to post / share on my blog with whoever may be interested. I enjoy it when a good conversation happens every now and then–and when I learn from others. This is one way to connect with people across all sorts of great distances. I’m so glad you found a meaningful reason/subject to focus your time and energy upon.

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