“I enjoy talking to myself. I mean, what do you think

play-writers, bloggers and poets do all the time? If you

don’t enjoy wordplay, and losing your thoughts in

situations that affects you, and reformat it into some

kind of understandable monologue, honestly do you

think you have the niche to become a writer? I

monologue all the time~ and am loving it!

That doesn’t mean I am crazy!

Maybe a bit drifted…

Beggars On The Streets

“There’d still be beggars on the streets

for as long as there are those

who capitalize on the simple

and the weak

and charges exorbitantly

from those in need.

There’d still be beggars on the streets

when one’s prayers

are rudimentarily centered

upon oneself.

There’d still be beggars on the streets

when education and healthcare

is not free for a lifetime

and monopoly is allowed to thrive

in a capitalistic society.”

Enterprising Hongkies

The British knew how enterprising the Chinese are.

It is recorded in their colonial files. Thus, to keep the

Hongkies at bay so they don’t seek control nor defy

the ruling government, they encourage horse betting

so that they can suck back fast enough every single

hard earned cent. At the same time, the British allow

the property prices to sky rocket. That’ is to keep the

Hongkies busy for generations. So the Hongkies want

back the British?

Please don’t make me laugh.

Mercury is in Uranus

During his routine medical check, the long suffering patient asked the doctor, “Do you think I’ll live a long and healthy life?”

“I doubt it”, said doctor, “Mercury is in Uranus right now.”

The patient said, ” I don’t go in for any of that astrology nonsense.”

“Neither do I”, replied the doctor, “My thermometer just broke in your ass.”

(Author unknown)


“Everyone has a preference and that preference makes you identifiable. I

t is that preference that separates you from other collectors that no patron,

architect, designer, curator, style, trend, interest, hobbyists or other collectors

can influence you on, when it comes to setting your own taste. Everyone has

a preference of form, subject, style, medium, shapes, colors, composition,

texture etc. All these shapes your taste.

A good friend will accept your preference whereas a bad one will consider

your preference inferior to his or hers. A preference makes you true to your

liking instead of goose hunting other people’s opinion and taste. Do not be

unduly influenced. That only happens to freshies.”