Election Laws

As a seasoned politician, Zahid is unfit to lead. In his capacity as party president, he is supposed to be familiar with election laws and the functions of the Agong in appointing the PM of the day. But when he made the statement that our Agong would be given a few names to choose from, he is either deceiving the rakyat or totally unclear of the rules and function of our Agong. Our Agong merely ‘appoints’. He is not tasked to ‘pick’ his favourite candidate. Which means Zahid clearly has nothing inside his head. Inside the Federal constitution, for it is written, our Agong merely ‘acts on advice’. [Article 40] Even-though the Agong may act in his discretion in the appointment of a Prime Minister [40(2)(a)], the Agong is not tasked to shop around and choose who he prefers. Rather, the Agong merely endorses the candidate ‘who in his judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that house [43(2)]. And this majority comes from the party/coalition that wins the election. It is common procedure that after the elections, the coalition who wins the government gets to submit the name of the candidate of their choice to the Agong for endorsement. And not the loser. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be more than one name unless the majority is undecided.

But if the majority has agreed and is certain who they want which means this candidate is supported by the majority, then, the Agong has no choice but to abide to the wishes of the MPs in support of who they think is the rightful candidate. Not unless the candidate they chose is disqualified [48]. Thus, It is misleading to believe our Agong has the right to select who he wants.

Thus, during the previous coup after which the backdoor government is formed, the crooks uses the power of the Agong to gag the public who then requested for SDs from each MP so that the end result would be to their liking. This procedure was ill advised by the Haron brothers whom twisted the constitution to manipulate the outcome.

There are throughout every living democracy only two types of voting procedures. The first is by ‘show of hands’ and the second is by ‘secret vote’. Show of hands is where hands are raised in support of the candidate and the results tabulated right before the eyes of every voter. Using secret ballot, the tabulation is the same. Only that the way they vote is casted by naming your preferred candidate inside a piece of paper. SDs? A deceptive ploy unless each and every copy is displayed for the house to tabulate the results.


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