washing the window pane

you have etched yourself completely

in my thoughts

and affected all sensible motions

I never thought possible

I am moved by your smile

your disposition

your genuineness

I am immersed by your gesture

your readiness to accommodate

all risk

I am deeply moved by you


your simplicity has also helped us

to grow

& learn in togetherness

I guess

washing the window pane

amidst the occasional rain

is not that difficult after all..




cinderella for a man?

who would want

a cinderella for a man

jackal in the morning

hyde at night

who would want

a cinderella for a man

hiding in the morning

lovin’ at night


for I wouldn’t want

a cinderella for a man

whose body is here

but mind is there

for I wouldn’t want

a cinderella for a man

who wears the glass slippers

and flinches on the stairs


well I would want

a cinderella for a man

who cares and loves

yet ignites the stove

well I would want

a cinderella for a man

whose aim is in circles

yet partakes in my plan..




a perfectly nourished plum

are you happy little gal?

after you have found that perfectly nourished plum

stashed away in the drawer

unwanted, uncared for

& misunderstood?


will you handle it with care?

when you run your snowy white fingers

through its delicate pulp

each time you reminisce

the brief moments of togetherness?


will you cherish it forever?

after taking it all into your lips

and taste the hidden sweetness

that ease your years of pain

and emptiness?


in a world where no one cares

in quiet resplendance

the perfectly nourished prune

lay thinking..


little did he know

that the moment she found it

she cleansed it with her heart

and warmed it under the sun

she then planted it in the choicest plot

away from the weeds

hoping that in years to come

her tears of happiness & joy

will nourish that soil

and a perfect tree shall blossomed

so that

this perfect little gal

can live & play happily

under the shade

of this plum tree..




fluttering in an envelope


a butterfly came into my garden.

as she dances in unison to the arty balinese theme,

i watched her flutter-

her sweet nonchalance

permeates the air..

through shimmering light,

her beauty was eternal.

an aphrodite of everyones dream.

as she captivates my gaze,

then resting on my finger,

a camaraderie entered.

inside my envelope,

i too fluttered.

i became a butterfly she is!

what seems momentary

became a gamut of embrace,

of kisses,

of one.

what seems impossible

was en routed

because today,

in fantabulous effervescence,

a butterfly

came into my garden..




slip, so slippery & backtrack

the language of love

is a tedious cringe of slapstick

you slip, so slippery & backtrack

like jack holding the joystick


you flip, you twist, you burn

of pink jaguars & trunkless elephants

you frust, you flop, you scream

on bed of nails and no ice cream


then anguishly

you stop slipping

& decided not to backtrack

before the mess puckers your thoughts


so never slip, so slippery

never backtrack

my oh my!




will you walk with me?

we can walk together

but only for half a mile

we can laugh and sing together

but only for while

for when laughter fades

& a set of footprints is left in the race

faint illusions will trace

the little bundled up maze


will you walk with me?

will you cry half the cry?

when you are at your peak

when I am near to bye and bye?

we can walk together

but only for awhile

and hear the echoes in the distance

of gay, of tears, of cherish..




fragrance from the east

nothing smells sweeter than

the fragrance from the east

a budding chinoiserie

that thresholds the paddy pond

and the lallang filled path

leaves stretching upward to the sky..

the moon noticed

and beamed its widest smile!

why do you try so hard little flower?

aren’t you scared of the coming monsoon?

in quiet dignity

she mused

longingly she stood unafraid..

as the bleak evening passed

and morning whistles its cock crow tune

the little bud bloomed

her sweet fragrance now permeates the air

for she knew

that he would ramble out from

his shed in curiosity

to follow the fragrance

as the smell took over where the snuffed candles fade

in an inkling

there he was-

nonchalantly picking her up

minding her every petal…

tucked it into his dust jacket

& took her home.

the sun grinned..




the hunter

The hunter soon puts down his gun

cos the  prized  target  continues to

move  in  uncertainty. He knew that

his age has  caught up on  him cos

the weight of  the gun  has taken a

hold  on  his  grip. He  is distressed.

He  knew  that  if   he  presses   the

trigger,  one  shot  might  just   hurt

three. The hunter trods back to his