tear down your wall?

tear down your  wall  only  when  there  is  no  fear  in

you, only when you  are  prepared  for  unimaginable

confrontations~ flood, tsunami, sandstorms and  the

like.. and if your enemies strength  supersede  yours,

be  prepared  for torture,  abuse or  beating  of  some

kind  so  therefore,  in  short, if  you  so  wish  to  tear

down your wall, do it only if  you  are  absolutely  sure

it is safe to do so..




wheats and weeds

let the weeds and  the  wheats  grow  together  as  god  willed  it.

but  the  weeds   if   left  unattended   would   soon   strangle   the

wheats. so it is our duty as man to keep  watch  and  be  mindful

over  the  weeds  and  make   sure   that   they   in   time   do   not

overwhelm the wheats.. so just as  a  good  tree  will  bear  good

fruit, so must a good tree be  consistently pruned  to  bear  good

fruit. if we so believe that god created  everything  and  rule  over

the  world  so  must  we  believe  in  his  will  be  it  good  or  bad

because  the  human mind  is  his creation.  therefore  we  must

learn  to  accept   the  frailty  with   the   strong,  the  bad  with  the

good,  the  ugly  with  the  pretty,  the  dirty  with   the   clean.  and

everyone who is wilful enough to clean up  the  world  must  first

of all start with their own backyard..




(The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 13 as according to the Author)