Show Something Extraordinary

300 million pictures are uploaded into Facebook each day. What that means is if you want people of today to get excited over your photography, you better acquaint yourself to show something extraordinary.


Photographs heals enmity as much as it can bring tears to one’s eye. At its extreme end, it can invoke anger and hatred.

Be Humble

Anyone can claim to be a good photographer but can they shoot the wind? They can shoot the effects of the wind or every single grain of sand or things the wind carries with it but wind itself? It costs us nothing to be humble…

internal, external

Art is internal, photography external. Therefore one must paint with what  is  inside  of

us, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts before it can  be  called  Art.  If  one  does

on-the-spot paintings from still life to landscapes to  street  scenes  or  even  portraits,

one is merely a photographer, not an artist. Because photography is capturing what is

happening all around us, not inside of us. It is an external discipline.





You don’t  ask  for  permission  when  doing  candid  photography  or  street  photography.  If  you  do,

you’d   erase   that   candid   naturalness   important   in   street   photography.    Therefore,    to    ask

permission before taking a picture when the  composition  is  just  right  is  totally  humbug.  In  street

photography, the  decisive  moment  to  click  the  shutter  is  just  a  fraction  of  a   second.   In  street

photography, quite often moving objects and gestures could be a bit blurry because you  need  to  be

split second ready in capturing split second motion which could  be  lost  if  you  take  time  to  adjust

your camera’s function and most shots are also taken without  the  aid  of  tripods  not  like  shooting

still life or landscapes. And when one enters a street photography contest,  please  dear  judges, do

not ask the photographer to seek permission from the one whose image was captured in the scene.

At all times they are just figures who happen to be there at the right place  and  at  the  right  time~  a

natural   composition   rather.   And   do   not    confuse    street    photography    with    peeping    tom

photography which is engaging others in their private moments in private  places  whether  they  are

in compromising positions or not.




basis of composition

I hate to say this but many who claim  to  be  photographers  or  are  technically  proficient

in all aspects of photography doesn’t know  the  basis  of  composition.  And  composition

is not  all  about  cutting  up  the  viewfinder  into  nine  magical  cubes  and  assume  that

anything placed in thirds is a perfect balance. Balancing is more  than  that.  The  balance

between object and space, between smooth and coarse textures, between darkness and

light, the balance of shapes, the same goes for artist too! Go look at a Picasso  or  a  Miro

or a Dali or even photographers  like  Brassai  and  Henri  Cartier  and  find  me  that  nine

cubes you so jealously guard and worship? It is embarrassing how professionals choose

images to win awards when their choices are just so elementary!