Show Something Extraordinary

300 million pictures are uploaded into Facebook each day. What that means is if you want people of today to get excited over your photography, you better acquaint yourself to show something extraordinary.



Photographs heals enmity as much as it can bring tears to one’s eye. At its extreme end, it can invoke anger and hatred.

Be Humble

Anyone can claim to be a good photographer but can they shoot the wind? They can shoot the effects of the wind or every single grain of sand or things the wind carries with it but wind itself? It costs us nothing to be humble…

internal, external

Art is internal, photography external. Therefore one must paint with what  is  inside  of

us, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts before it can  be  called  Art.  If  one  does

on-the-spot paintings from still life to landscapes to  street  scenes  or  even  portraits,

one is merely a photographer, not an artist. Because photography is capturing what is

happening all around us, not inside of us. It is an external discipline.