“What is described as contemporary today was the latest and contemporary to da Vinci during the Renaissance. And what which is labeled as modernism today was very contemporary to Warhol in the sixties.
For as long as we’re not the last in the line to this lengthy spread of Art periods, what we term ourselves as contemporary may take on a new name or meaning in the future.
And how long is the contemporary period suppose to linger before it moves to post contemporary?
Therefore the term Contemporary is but temporal. It only means Art of today. Somewhere in the future, it’s going to take on an alien phrase coined by some influential writers or scholars to be memorised by art students worldwide.
What we purchase today eg. a tv, house or mobile phone gets older the longer we possess it. It moves into a historical frame by its own albeit slowly following the ticking of the clock. And we don’t even describe our purchases as contemporary. We called it ‘new.’
Unlike art.”