If Your Government Takes Care of You

“If your government takes care of you, your healthcare, transportation, housing, education and essentials should be up to date and affordable. Not short changed. There should be ample career, interest and business opportunities. Import and export duties should be low. And you feel safe. They should be ready to defend you from internal chaos and external threats. Every service, facility and convenience they provide you including road, drainage, sewerage, electricity, water, sports and telecommunications should be efficient, up to date, professional and well maintained. Every problem they solve takes into account the interest of all levels of society.
If your government takes care of you, they will be prudent with finances. They stop minding other countries business. And put your interest before theirs.
If your country runs well, your currency stays strong, so is your composite index, and business comes to you readily without the need for you to compete.”

Regular Law Updates

“The constant heated debates in Parliament suggests only one thing. That laws need regular updates as frequently as the apps living inside our phones. Because when laws are stunted lest two thirds of 220 Parliament votes are achieved, the laws are as good as stop motion dead, some centuries old eg. Auction Act 1926, written by the Crown, as well as the fines, compounds, and jail sentences meted out in the Penal Code. Then there is the Election Laws that causes way too much discomfort, biased laws that gives full rights of menteri besars and chief ministers to overrule decisions and many more.
There must be a mechanism to revise laws that has outlived its usefulness, amongst which is to agree on
1) an effective period whereby regulations (must) be updated or desensitised every five years, and Acts, every 10 years, beit State or Federal level.
2) a body comprising lawyers, professionals, ngos and important stakeholders who identify, review, debate and make good, weak spots, arising from daily news and controversy, and have them tabled.
3) Such reviews are then rewritten and then passed, but with the consent of the Attorney General, our Lord President and the Agong. (No need the biased views and votes from Ministers or MPs inside State or Parliament.)
If not, our country may never move forward, and our contemporary mindset is constantly hindered by backward laws, which is also the reason why religion still talks about stars, follies arising from the carelessness of humanoids 2000 years ago, and moving mountains. We need to address the unnecessary tabling of the Emergency Act which only harbours conspiracy theories. If our Federal budget can be reviewed yearly to suit the issues of the moment, so must laws.”

Valve Release

“Open, case goes up, close, case goes down. With the right amount of valve release, they can comfortably open and close, and remain in power for as long as they wanted. Excuse me but wasn’t the perikatan takeover formulated to ensure it’s an all melayu controlled country, being displeased with too much say from others? That only they deserve and know how to run this country?
While the rakyat becomes anxious and makes the effort to end it, they will exploit it with the statistics. If we manage to end it, they too receive the glory for managing well and gets re-elected.
You guys understand their back door mathematics? They are not worried nor do they care, cos they had all been immunised. All of them! And if I may say, a caring cabinet will place themselves last to be injected, not first! So by their actions, will you know their dedication towards us.
And comparing their acquisition per syringe with other countries worldwide, we paid out three times higher.

Do you have an Eraser?

One day, a shy gentleman was preparing to board a plane when he heard that the Pope was on the same flight.


This is exciting,” thought the gentleman. “I’ve always been a big fan of the Pope. Perhaps I’ll be able to see him in person.”

Suddenly, the man realized his seat was right next to the Pope himself. Still, the gentleman was too shy to speak to His Holiness.

Shortly after take-off, the Pope took a crossword puzzle out of his carry-on bag and began penciling in the answers.

“This is fantastic!” the gentleman mused. “I’m really good at crosswords.” It crossed his mind that if the Pope got stuck, He’d ask him for assistance.

Almost as if providence struck, the Pope turned to the man and said, “Excuse me, but do you know a four letter word referring to a woman that ends in ‘unt’?

The three Cardinals behind, in front of, and beside him shrunk down in their seats, as far as possible, all looking for something on the floor.

The man was in morbid shock. He couldn’t breathe. He went within himself, thought deeper, longer for a plausible answer and after almost a minute, the dark clouds of evil parted in his mind and the sun shone in.

Turning to the Pope, the gentleman said, with reverence and politeness, “l believe, Your Holiness that you’re looking for the word, ‘aunt’ “.

 “Of course!” the Pope declared, “Do you have an eraser?”

(Author Unknown)

Harbinger of Evil

“No one is exempted from taking responsibility towards the chaotic state this world is in right now. Don’t think that because you are once poor, you were born to take care of yourself only, and for as long as you’re fine, enjoy a good living, others and everything else is not important to you.
There’s a reason why population always increases. Because we need renewed thinking to replace and weed out the hatred of olds. More than anything else, we need peacemakers, sympathisers, and healers of the heart, soul, mind, body. Certainly not more professionals who has taken this world from bad to worse. And we need government and ministers who would support the right from wrong, good from bad, godly from evil, clean from dirty, charity from selfishness. People who based their decisions holistically on the well being of your own men, your country, the world. Do not be a harbinger of evil.
There are information and misinformation overload in the internet today. And no one bothers to clean them up. Thus, it is our duty as an individual to discern and if unsure, cover our gab. If it is untrue, diffuse it and stop circulating.
We shouldn’t condone to the general view of anyone, society, institution or order. People are hell bent to condone to certain believes and tenets , to harness a sense of belonging so to speak , while others, out of fear of being sidelined or chastised for speaking the truth, and thus, the folly of certain cliques deliberately creates mischief to change perception of a good to become evil to benefit themselves. Evil lurks everywhere. We can help clean them up not by accusation , but to present evidence in the contrary.
Yes, wheats and weeds must thrive together, but as humans, we must not let the weed overwhelm the wheats, because weeds cannot be our staple food . Wheats are!
So stop being a plaintain and show me your comfortable ignorance. Do what you do best to help maintain peace. Take responsibility. And when faced with wrong, we must altogether rise up to the occasion to oppose the ostracised. Not stay quiet. Evil triumphs when the good does nothing. And one can’t be a spectator all day long.”


“There is this uncanny preference for acronyms in government programs locally, rather than calling a spade a spade. That ordinary citizens now can hardly configure and differentiate the likeness between pkpd, pkpp, or whatever shit they love to call it. What a joke. So much so that now, when they mentioned ‘SOP’, we, ordinary Malaysians can’t help but giggle because SOP to us in today’s context means ‘Semua Orang Pening’.
So apt.
As a matter of fact-ing, the inability to summarise even titles only mean that either there’s no one word for it, you’re too lazy to crack your heads, or you have a gross inability to grasp your subject. Don’t you even learnt summary in school?
Or does superheroes become more important when they carry longer heavyweight titles at the front and back of their names so they can fly?
((Imagine)) coming out with long prestigious titles and names, then only use the first letter of each word. Huh? Just look around. Every silly little program, especially in schools, has an acronym! You mean you love the longer name, but hate to pronounce it, therefore the acronym? That’s our standard?
Then comes the christening of major structures. Do I need to?
But however you named it, to us Penangites, it is forever Bridge 1 or Bridge 2. And for that fact, many went the wrong turn on the way crossing the bridge. Because there’s only fancy names sprawled out the length of each signboard on the highway and by ways. And before you ever finished reading them, we have zoomed past. Wtf, what’s wrong with you guys?
Does every important person needs to have their good deeds remembered by being trampled upon, abused or run over by tyres daily?”

Covid Will Not Cease

“Covid will not cease, lest the whole world observes a period of inactivity for one full month or two together. Just stay at home, strictly no going out, all work, school, shopping are done online, other bills, loans, rentals all cancelled for a month, with fresh food and conveniences all delivered by the government, and those with Covid symptoms will be treated at home (the hospitals will come to you).
If not, Covid will never end.
Whats the use if my country’s border stays open, but yours are closed?
What’s the point of holding international trade exhibitions, entertainment galas and sports programmes now?
What’s the point of developing vaccines and swab test with an efficacy rate of 50% which means it stands on the borderline of it may or may not be accurate? Worse when viruses mutate and recur?
If you can plant a vaccine into my body today using a foreign substance, why can’t you plant another into the air tomorrow, that can react with the first substance you injected into me, and immobilise me, the day when you decide to eradicate my existence?
If you can produce a vaccine so quickly to kill the viruses trapped inside our body, why can’t you produce an aerosol that when sprayed into the air, traps and kill it before it enters our body?
This virus has served you well. Politically and economically. A means to revolutionise and control the world, to tilt it to your favour. At our inconvenience and many many human sacrifices. That we now live in fear of the very substance that keeps us alive. Air.
The end of this world will come, when again, someone like you puts the whole world at ransom, and attacks also, our water.
Cos you see, this is a sickness of the super rich, in which you are not excluded. Because with richest comes the desire to steer outcome or the world’s economy, which you can only do it through the right action, influence or control, the source which is power derived from the government of the day, and having them tucked under your belt. You are the accessory of the devil. Because the origin of your problem is similar to the three prongs of the fork the devil holds in his hands. They are power, greed, and recognition.“

Go to sleep

Said a Male mosquito to its wife:

Darling I will hunt a Lion for you..


Ok fine, now go to sleep

MaleMosq: I will bite an elephant and bring his blood for you..


Sure love, now go to sleep..

MaleMosq: I will drive you around Paris in a Mercedes


Hmm ok, now go to sleep…

MaleMosq: You dont trust me? I will get you a 100 gms Gold chain…


You idiot, now go to sleep…

How many times have I told you not to come home after biting a politician!

(Author Unknown)