Ghost Transaction

“Out of rm9b, rm6b has been paid out according to paper record. But not even one ship has been delivered, after six years. The six ships technically never existed physically. But only on paper. But has been paid in full, because the original contract sum was rm6b for 6 ships. Then the unwarranted unexpected change of vendor occurs on the sixth year. Assumably the ministry in charge made an upgrade, and the original order was cancelled and refunded. Otherwise, how could one change to a new vendor and a new design when works are in progress, without ascertaining the risks concerning cancellation of order and reimbursements written in the first contract? Ironically, the procurement sum is again elevated by another rm3b, making it a grand total of rm9b for the new purchase, to the makers of the Scorpene submarine that could never dive. So who directed the change and who is he in consultation with? Which ministries are involved?
You know what? I think it is a ghost transaction. Only happens on paper.”


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