world to end?

god loves us enough to will ‘rapture’ for his believers before  he  realizes

armageddon in which he will appear on a white horse as  a commanding

general to defeat satan. in his final quest, he slew the armies of the false

prophet and the false  leader with  his  tongue  and  converted  them.  the

powerless false prophet and leader would then be defeated  and  thrown

into a cauldron of burning  sulphur while  god  had  satan  leashed  for  a

thousand  years..  thereon,   humankind   will   be   ruled   by   god   for   a

thousand years in a period called  ‘utopia’.  but  that  did  not  stop  satan.

after  that  thousand  years,   satan  gathers  enough  power  for  his  final

quest to destroy god but again, his attempt  failed.  that  my  friend  is  the

reason why I say god loves  us  enough  to  protect  and  see  humankind

through. despite our sins and this is the  same  epic  found  in  the  torah,

bible and koran. end of the world? it  is  but  an  eventful  phase  mankind

has to go through  before  all  of  us  live  happily  ever  after  together~  in

peace and harmony with god at  helm despite the differences  in  race  or

faith. our world is not going to break up into two pieces as  what  radicals

believe it would be. so do not be unruly alarmed!




(The Book of Revelation in Summation)