mysteries of god

The mysteries of  God  are  made  up  of  steps.  If  you  can

open  up  your  mindset,   so  can   you  climb  up   and   the

truth  shall  be  revealed  to  you  petal  upon  petal.   But  as

you  climb   up  rung   after   rung,   you   will   discover   that

the  air  above   gets   thinner  and  thinner   and   that  there

will be fewer and  fewer  people  who  could  relate  to  your

mindset   and  you  are   going   to   be   lonely   looking   for

acceptance~   searching  for  that  needle  in  the   haystack

who could  look at  issues  both  ways  and  be  your  friend.

If you cannot accept  that, you  can  always  go  back  to  the

first  rung  but  those  who  had  remain  in  comfort  forever

will only  leave  you  in  despair.  And eventually  you  vacate

because you know  that  you  don’t  belong  there   anymore

while grieving for them. And that is how  hermits  are  made.




mutual respect

This world is going to  survive  longer  if  each  of  us  mutually

respect each others religion and rights to live.  If  governments

cannot  do  it  and  is  in  fact  exploiting  it  pitting  one  against

the other for their own selfish benefit, then we have  got  to  do

it.  Either  that  or  we  have  to  denounce  religion  completely.

You choose..