between us

between us is but a fence

climbing over

and I lose a little smile


between us is but a door

you, in one room waiting

I, in the other, tussling


between us is but one heart

running over

and I miss a little tug


between us is but little

you, who gave me love

she, whom I gave love




where frangipanis bloom

where frangipanis bloom

that’s where you’d find me

wandering on its mossy grass

tripping on its roots..


where the branches weave

that’s where my tears nestle

love ribboned on its trunk

hearts etched on its bark..


where the river twirls

that’s where my sorrows sink

scattered leaves afloat

i decided to row upstream..


you know where i’d be

that’s where you’d find me

where frangipanis bloom

love ribboned on its trunk..





as I blink my curly lashes

in awe of your thighs

my breath quickens in pace

smooth, milky white



I longed to snuggle

over that entire length

and dream my next amorous dream

shapely, fragrant



as when it moves

turbulence streams my desire

cheekiness overwhelms my decency

my fingers loses control

and the entire concerto changed..


I worshiped those thighs..





I am caged

you are flying in mid air

despite this

you never left me

you are always here beside me

sharing your days with me

foregoing your winged freedom


I adored you..


from where I perched

I lidded my eyes

many a time

I tried to imagine myself as you

foregoing my winged freedom

accompanying the uncertain

I gaze in mid air..


I am thankful..


the day will come

when my eyes will slit open

the cage will vanish

uncertainties disintegrated

foregoing my winged freedom

I will be beside you

to stay with you

to live with you..




is the color i see

is the color I see the color you see?

when I see white, do you see white as well?

or was the white I see the black you see?


is the form I see the form you see?

when I see round, do you see round as well

or was the round I see the square you see?


is the light I see the light you see?

when I see light, do you see light as well?

or was the light I see the darkness you see?


I ponder our likeness

I ponder our similarity

I ponder our journey

distance divides..




neglected but loved

as he balances himself

on the tightrope

whilst picking up

all the roses that

had been placed

before him

he ponders the worthiness

of his effort

synchronising his breath

a tingling sensation

had already consumed his mind


as pespiration

trickles down

his well-built back

he quietly reassures himself

over and over again

that this is

after all

his first love..


it is already

equally challenging

to walk those flimsy threads

but the stooping down

to collect each and every bloom

is a task quite unlike others

his body aches

after every pick..


except for the spotlights

that filled the void

and the cold air that freezes

his well toned limbs

he is alone

suspended and neglected


he continues..


against the drum roll

and the roaring cheers of

the spectators below

did he realize

that he is

at his feats end

he waves

and smiled at the crowd

balancing glory

with pain

and endurance..




like a snail

like a snail

you retreated

back into your shell

you realize

that nature

are sometimes


they hold no mercy

under the sweltering heat

when  provoked

in face of rain

or trampled upon

you withdrew

ever so subtly

because you love peace

you retreated

in the hope

that comfort & consolation

may come to you

you withdrew

without realising that

many a time

others like you

just get crushed..




quiet desperation


we hover

through our days

in quiet desperation



the wind

that echoes through the hillocks

blows of inherency


how long still

will we need

to wade through the bulrushes

on our own


before we are conjoined

before our friends

before our loved ones

before God


I cling

to that thought

I hunger

for that acceptance



we still linger

through our nights

in quiet desperation