Why Doctors When God Heals?

All over the world, clusters of people still crowds carnivals and annual events. When asked, most of them thought it their RIGHT, and owe it to FATE, if ever they contacted the virus. So should our national healthcare includes and provide for individuals such as these who still persist, not that they are ignorant or misinformed? And how should they treat individuals who thought it is the governments duty to make them well, if they fall ill, straining hospital capacities like it’s their inheritance and entitlement?

Around the world, every individual and government is now tested. Because in every country, there are bound to be individuals who thought they are invincible by gravitating towards God’s healing power, or the protective gear they slipped on, bought through the internet, or, the age old potion or amulet their community reveres to. In some religions, laities were made to believe there is no purpose for God if obeisance is lacking. There are those who thought because everyone is quarantined, the streets are therefore safer than their own homes. Then, there are also those whom are used to outdoors. As for the rests, the condition of their houses does not warrant it to be called home.

The believe in culture and traditions is imbued on many since young, thus the believe in old wive’s tale, superstition and concoctions hence, the potions made of gall bladders and animal bones. And if that doesn’t work, most likely, these traditionalist would either owe its failure to the wrath of god or the severity of the illness, or fate. To convince individuals such as these to consult doctors is a menacing affair. The natural tendency of people to cower themselves with assurances, safety and security makes them susceptible to advertising gimmicks thus the tendency to buy and believe in protective gears. And when those products fail, they will resort to the next good buy, again through online or through their friends recommendation. For those who stray from quarantine, some were used to the outdoors so their urge for a breather is a must. For as long as their mind reassures them that the streets are safe, since no one is out on the streets, so would they stray wherever their mind, body and soul wonders to. And there are those whose home are too pigeonholed to warrant a lengthy quarantine. They are the most pitiful.

But perhaps, the most challenging to convince are those who thought themselves as invincible when cloaked with the armour of God whom believe that without their total submission, their belief would be compromised. That is most unfortunate.

Believers must be made aware and understand the manifestation of spirit and why God, gave a different purpose to each one of us depending on our capability thus, the doctors, the scientists, the researchers, engineers, architects, chefs, artists and cleaners etc. For its only within that scope of understanding can one understand the need to rely on his healing through the people he commissioned and commands because to each, He gave a purpose in life. Everyone serves God in the humblest of ways He wanted us to. There are those whom he gave wisdom, another the gift of knowledge, to others, the gift of healing and to the rest, prophecy and etc. We must also accept the fact that every person who has ever been healed by God in some way or another, will die existentially. With this understanding in mind, we should now know that to each and everyone of us, God gave a gift in this life because it fulfills a need and purpose to this world we live in. Together, we make and heal the world. And to each one of us, whether we believe in God or not, be convinced that death is for sure certain. That is His plan and His grace.

When sin entered the world as a serpent to tempt Adam through Eve, it is certain that everyone throughout their lifetime will experience futility, rejection and pain, and eventually die. As any mother would experience the pangs of childbirth, the experience is not of condemnation, but of purification and joy. Therefore, disease and sickness are occasionally inflicted upon people as a purifying and rescuing judgment. In other words, an act of mercy. And if one can be so bold to say, God sometimes uses disease to bring particular judgments upon those who reject him and give themselves over to sin. Thus, all natural disasters albeit flood or famine, tsunami or disease — are a call to people to repent and realign their lives.

There are many ways God works in our lives, but it is the same God who does the work through all of us and manifests his Spirit upon us that each one of us may work his own salvation, therefore his many gifts. Thus, to believe that God could cloak and heal you is certain, but what he cloaks away are your fears and the perception of death as punitive. But you must also rely and depend on his fruits that he gifted you wholeheartedly through the hands of others He commands, that you may be relieved of your anguish, pain, suffering and concerns. That is the reason why we should all trust doctors despite our faith background. For those who are adamant, if you like to interpret it in another way, doctors help and relieve you from your pain, suffering, grief and sickness, whilst your God heals you.

Eventually the country with the firmest of regulation and strictest of implementation will win the fight against the virus. But that also depends on the loyalty and respect the citizens have towards the government of the day, whereas obedience and the quality of training and discipline plays a part, afforded by both parents and their school teachers when young. If individuals are used to orders, so will they understand and adhere when orders are imposed. For if they are not, it will be difficult to clamp them down not unless the firmest of regulation and harshest of penalty are imposed.

Not far from it is how people should be convinced the role doctors act in the healing mystery of God. Because without that understanding, those that leaves their health to fate is courting unnecessary danger and in the process, promote more harm than good to the community they live with. That becomes an irresponsibility which is a sin. Because sin is what you do that causes inconvenience to others. One must not be ignorant. We all need doctors, even when God heals.

Deepest Crevice

“And what is that fragrance

That cuddles my little grey cells

And held me captive

In the deepest crevice

of my darkest night

Through mazy pathways

The wonder of you

Clusters in patches

Of broken dew

Through summer neglect

Above the frothy dunes

Peaks the silken embrace

Of curvy primal steed

Of your scented breath.

Chuckles in the Midst of Revetment


Never in the history of our country has our people ever been so spruced up, spanky and clean! In another 18 days, we’d all be fairer skinned, slimmer and possibly more self absorbed. We’d also probably lost track of our goals and ambitions after the constant attack on detergents, shampoos, sanitizers and the heart to heart talk with our plants, fridge and coffee maker. We would have probably got used to the simpler necessities of life.

The immobilization and cranky solitude will make an imprint on us all, as we furrow our existence – being conscious about our day to day living, and waking up to visions of a cleaner sky, sea, land, trees, roads, tomorrow and of submerged silence. We will become more acutely aware of the people we come into contact with, giving up of handshakes for namaste, and segregating what matters and what can wait. And the immaterial from the material.

Our mind travels. We now relate ourselves to the animals in captivity at the Zoos, looking out from their cages day in, day out. And the fishes talking to their own reflection inside glass tanks. And we relate ourselves to the people anguished inside the atrocities of war with nothing to look forward to.

But as we all tone down and the world mellows in quivering spin, the smog that curtains our garden now clears. In its rare silence, we can relax to the chirping of birds and distinguish pure decibels once subdued by the noises infused by the mass honking of vehicles. We can rejoice to the depletion of aerosolic dust that once capped our lungs.

We are now more intelligent.

More critically aware of hygiene because we saw through human susceptibility and the mass pillage of undeserving corpses worldwide.

The earth now heals slowly as man dislodges their daily activities, gives up their wants for needs, and continue to prioritize what used to fashion us to the brink of despair.

After a further 18 days of revetment, we could all pat our own backs and be proud.

Think about how much more you will know about your partner, and the smell of jasmine tea. Some will break down, some eventually loses their minds. Some found new ways to dry their clothes and some, would crawl under their beds to sleep. And some would have turned philosophers, amid the chuckles from infants that warms our hope.



If you need to go out today for grocery shopping, remember to wear face mask and have your hand sanitizers with you. If possible wear DISPOSABLE GLOVES!Otherwise you may not know the cleanliness of things you come in contact with.


Especially fuel gas pumps, ATM machines, supermarket trolleys and baskets, door handles and lift buttons, openly displayed vegetables, meats, fruits, even those sealed inside cartons or plastic bags like bread, canned foods etc. Once you touched them, NEVER EVER TOUCH YOUR FACE, EYES, MOUTH! If you need to pee, wipe your hand before and wash after peeing.

After placing your shopping bags into the car, SANITIZE your hands. Once you get out, WIPE CAR door handles and safety locks, your car safety belt, gear and steering wheel and boot handles. If you are tempted to eat anything, WAIT till you get home and clean packaging first!

Once you got home, WIPE CLEAN EVERYTHING YOU BUY! If it comes in plastic bags, cartons, or boxes, wipe them. WIPE CLEAN PERSONAL BELONGINGS ALSO eg. your hand phone, wallet, credit card, money, eyeglass, shoes and car keys. Don’t wear shoes into your home. Put them all back in respective places like cupboards, fridge then CLEAN THE SURFACES WHERE YOU PUT YOUR THINGS WHEN YOU COME IN and also your tote bags. If possible soak, wash then dry them under the sun.

Then, THROW AWAY your face masks , wash your wiping cloths, remove all your clothes and soak them then HAVE A GOOD BATH.

SOAK vegetables, meat, fruits, anything before you cook them and CHANGE the water.

By this week, all infected victims would have the virus full blown so the likelihood of anyone you come in contact with may have them. Just about anyone. Thus, SOCIAL DISTANCE YOURSELF AND DON’T SHAKE HANDS OR HUG ANYONE!

Take care!

– Kris Lee 2020.

Some Kind of Sheraton Groove




The olive branch, as well as the peace pipe, is already extended by our new PM to Tun, apparently seeking for forgiveness. Tun then reciprocates by extending his hands out, waiting to be kissed, thus paving the way for a truce, when there never was, as far as their working relationship goes, any bad blood between them, to begin with.

The sworn partners, the ‘capo’ and his ‘accolito’, as the main performers in this play, then strolls down the aisle, turns around with their backs facing the altar and renewed their vows. One could hardly accused them as an unholy match . The ‘accolito’ first encountered Tun some thirty-eight years ago, when he was first made the Deputy Minister of Federal Territories, then to Commerce & Industry before he was tasked as the Menteri Besar of Johor for two terms, only to reappear again in federal politics during Tun’s 5th and 6th term, emerging as the Youth & Sports Minister and then, as Minister for Domestic Trade & Consumerism. He then served under Abdullah Badawi as Minister for Domestic Trade & Consumerism before becoming the Deputy Prime Minister as well as Minister of Education under the disgraced Najib’s administration until he was sacked with his remarks over the 1mdb saga.

As the spotlight watches their sidekicks sitting on three legged pews both sides of the aisle sprinkling confetti’s over the next chapter of their matrimony and at the behest of our new PM, Tun attended a closed door meeting and receives as a token for his condonation, the offer to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister of his choice ~ a post left vacant assumably, as a betrothal.

Will Tun accede the deal placed onto his lap given that all eyes are on him watching his every move?

Tun’s acceptance would make the glory seems effortless and underachieving. It doesn’t bode well when Tun’s dignity is compromised as well as the legitimacy of the ascension without the blessings from his own party grassroots. The perception of things through the eyes of the public is utmost important. Therefore, with an added twist, glory could sound sweeter and less of a buddy contract. The appointment would thus be more palatable if earned through a formal party election.

But why then must it stop at that rung when Tun commands substantial influence all the way to the top? And would our new PM readily vacate his position in favour of Tun’s pick? Who, one wonders, does Tun have in mind?

As an added punch depending on the severity of the rage it has overtaken the rakyat, they would then replace the ‘locum’ finance minister with a politician from the noisiest party ~ possibly from the opposing camp~ a conditional offer which warrants the dropping off of all charges against our former ministers now facing trial. That will conveniently shift the responsibility, and implicate whoever accepts the role, as a party to the crime, and in turn, the nation’s traitor. As for the current locum, he will eventually head Bank Negara, as most abled CEOs of Malay stock are usually designated to become.

The above script is easy to digest. Had there been more exhaustive scenarios, maybe Sherlock Holmes needs to be engaged to solve the now infamous ‘Sheraton Move’ plot. Speculations rife that this whole episode is nothing but a ‘Sandiwara’ ~ a carefully crafted theatrics engineered by a band of conservatives, each having an ambition of their own ~ a play that would have won the Oscars hands down for Best Original Screenplay if ever it was pitted against the very best of Shakespearean plays. But what was the motive behind the ‘Sheraton Move’ and why was it allowed to manifest?


The prelude as gathered from the media, began with Tun waging his dissatisfaction over the DAP at the Malay Dignity Congress, alleging DAP to be the puppet masters of PH, followed by massive street protests what to the conservative Malays beckoned as a show of strength ‘to regain their lost dignity’. That mere utterance by none other than Tun himself has a sliver of propagandist undertone that infuriates the ultra-Malays to mistrust and despise the DAP even more ~ the final nail over DAP’s coffin, so to speak of.

The question is why and what motivated Tun to moot this crisis when he was at the height of his fame and also, the leader of PH?

For those familiar with Tun, it is a wonder that Tun can be puppeteer-ed. Thus, rumours speaks of Tun’s ‘face-saving grace’ in some instances, for his reluctance to fulfill his election promises and thus was at loggerheads with the leaders of PH. That prompted him to target DAP as his convenient scapegoat. Others claim that DAP which heads the offensive against corruption, left many a Tun’s crony bruised. The third and final reason is about entitlement and the fear of losing race-based policies to needs-based ones. But one thing is for certain. With traitors abound from within, and vultures scouring around for bits of the remaining flesh left on the carcasses, minor problems could turn ugly unless resolved. Tun, the ‘Pezzonovante’ extraordinaire should be well aware of the implications or should he not?

Well, for some uncanny reason, right after the dust has subsided, Tun, during one of the press conferences, denied that DAP controls PH or him for that matter as how the ultra-Malays were so taken in to believe. So why his change of stance and for what good does that remark do when the damage was already done?

Events leading to the coup is ladened with obvious bleeps, some too glaring to vanish. As the petals unfurl, it became obvious that all possible obstacles were cleared to ensure a clean unobstructed path. When the Red Sea opens up, none of the acrobats which follows Azmin to the promised land however, were left stranded. Fact is, most of them were rewarded with full ministerial posts in exchange for their loyalty. Or so to speak, to deter them from crossing back.

The first bleep sounded when our new PM and Azmin daringly executed the coup, knowing full well, Tun’s position as ‘capo’ and his firm grip as PM. Tun at that moment still holds and control the deck. Coincidentally, this was exacerbated by the ‘hattrick’ resignation of Tun as PM, Tun as the leader of ruling coalition PH, and Tun with his own party, PPBM. As a seasoned politician, Tun would have realised the implications of his move. Conceding defeat with premature resignations paves the way for an easy coup. And relieving himself from the top job triggers a parliamentary meltdown, rendering all the ministers and executives ‘powerless’ thereby handing all the decision making as according to the constitution, back to our DYMM. So, what prevented him from taking charge when he could have easily nipped the coup on he bud? One thing is for certain. If the DYMM takes charge, everyone is gagged. But what a strange audience Tun had with Tuanku that when asked to name a successor, Tun chose to remain silent!

So what was his motive then?

Another bone of contention saw our new PM and Azmin happily tango-ed to the other camp whilst looking behind, shouting and pledging their loyalty to Tun. Can a person run forward whilst gazing backwards? It is public knowledge that both sides of the opposing camps during their squabble for power did indeed vouch for him to be their leader. Was Tun then as he himself would have known, also the PM designate of the backdoor camp? Quaintly and within minutes of the crossover, he was again appointed to be the Chairman of PPBM.

For what good if one may ask?

The roller coaster railed on lightning speed after that. When news of our new PM announcing his audience with Tuanku on the context of garnering enough seats to form the new government, it created wide spread anxiety thereafter. Nevertheless the uncertainty of Tun would have left some parliamentarians to squander and join the new PM . But who could have guessed that yet again, another resignation occurs. This time, of AG Tommy Thomas’s which leaves our three prong government of executives, judiciary and the legislature crippled, thus leaving the monarchy with only his ‘Curia Regis’ to consult with if an interim prime minister is not appointed then, The judiciary could have provided sound recommendations to Tuanku to dismiss the entire coup because the power is within the Agong’s hands. Without Tuanku validating the backdoor government, the power grab would have been crippled entirely with some arrests held at the pleasure of Tuanku. That move would have gone down very well with the rakyat and serves as a precedence and a lesson to all would-be party hoppers for years to come. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

So what motivates TT’ to resign and was it voluntary?

That was a high sounding bleep! The high-handed approach of the Home Minister in disputing the AGs decision regarding the status of LTTE a week before the coup was unusual but could that be the signal that there was already in existence, bad blood between the AG and the new PM therefore his resignation? Tommy did not had it good ever since his appointment as attorney general was announced by Tun. It invited undeserving criticisms and brick batting from the conservative Malays whom are certain only the indigenous has the rights to helm this position.

Next to happen was the parliamentary speakers refusal to allow Tun’s petition to dispute our new PM’s list. Apparently, the speaker has reasons not to entertain Tun’s request, after being summoned by Tuanku to explain the debacle even though Tun was the interim prime minister then and had Statutory Declarations of his loyalists in his possession. What followed was the refusal of Tuanku to grant Tun an audience to counter our new PMs list. To the public, these were all strange occurrences.

As the tussle trails towards uncertainty, the new PM was finally picked by Tuanku after a few bouts of interview with parliamentary MPs at the Istana, with the Council of Rulers acting as his able advisers. The rousing cheers expected from the announcement of the new PM was overshadowed by sadness looming outside the palace gates over the refusal of Tuanku to grant Tun an audience. But shortly after Tuanku’s official announcement blared over the main media, fate was sealed, ending all speculations. No more word was said. Indeed, the choice caught many off guard because the new PM was an obvious sick horse resting in the stable of potentials.


Fast forward to today, Tun had just conceded defeat. Finally letting off his plans to table a no-confidence motion towards the loose coalition that currently forms the government in May, when the next parliamentary sitting begins, unless deferred. According to Tun, he no longer commands the numbers, after being hijacked by the latest crossovers. By law, the backdoor government is permitted to govern the country till the next General Elections in 2023, by the latest.

Next comes the mother of all questions. Who was behind the backdoor formation and who funded it? Public opinions crucify Tun as Chief, the new PM and Azmin as commanders together with leaders from the new governing coalition on Mount Calvary. It is also clear who were conveniently left out. Whilst the two supposedly PM designate struggles with their popularity, Azmin’s being tarnished by the backdoor move he was seen leading, and Anwar, whom for one reason or another was sidelined, a pattern now emerges owing to PH’s elimination.

Who else then is worthy to be Tun’s successor? Was the backdoor PM indeed Tun’s choice? Till today, they funder was never identified. That indeed is a mystery.

It is however, sad to watch fellow Malaysians, many whom are too gullible, too trusting, too lazy, too busy or too naive to ask questions when something is not right, but got sucked into the fanfare. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that a betrayal this grand was happening right before their eyes, and who engineered the hushed-up coup, so discreetly hidden that there weren’t signs of it looming on the exterior surface. Possible? That is hard to believe. Tun would have known because walls have ears!

On the ground, it is clear that Tun commands an astounding influence over many, especially the younger generations. The older ones would have exercised some reservations over him because of his high-handed ways when he was a younger, more assertive, autocratic, vicious, but a truly handsome leader. Back then, he was feared by many, even to his peers and political rivals. Nevertheless, at a grand old age of 92, his victory over a 60 years ruling coalition he once captained was overwhelming indeed. No one thought he could penetrate that fort, but he did, on PH’s ticket. He became the celebrity politician, twice a PM and was humbly turning down invitations from abroad to share his experiences and the secret of his youth. Just like a rock star, Tun was rocking the world! He became allies with his nemesis Kit Siang whilst campaigning amidst clouds of cheer from the forgiving crowd. Together, they had fun with the corkers (ceramah), bashing Najib’s administration from kampong to kampong as they gradually built up support with a common vow ~ to dismantle the current system and build a ‘Malaysia Baru’ seconded with a promising manifesto which is to bring corruption and those involved to their knees. The rakyat was totally taken in and saw them as ‘the’ pillar of change, just when reports indicated that Malaysia is at the brim of becoming a failed nation. Before they realises their manifesto, the takeover surfaces! It catches everyone off-guard, though sad to say, their acquaintanceship did not last long enough to ensure a stable economic reform. Public opinions were mean and harsh, as many singled out Tun as the architect of the coup. His legacy was never at stake, some claims, because if his involvement ran according to plan, Tun would still be the PM of the opposing camp.

But Tun has an alibi.

His alibi being, he did not participate in the Sheraton Move. Neither was he, as he had many a time stressed, in the mood to work with thieves who plundered the nation when he has spent many a night identifying and nailing them down whilst realigning the entire administration. (He was referring to some UMNO politicians currently facing the heat in court).

So, why then must he shift his goal post midway through his term? Was there an offer so tempting to make him betray his own manifesto?

His premiership this time round marks his seventh term as Prime Minister. A record. And also it made him the oldest PM in the world! Tun practically knows the workings of the government inside out. So why if the allegations were true did he want to severe ties with his allies when he still has time to make amends to a system he founded 22 years ago as PM? Didn’t he want a forward progressive nation? And is Tun entirely to be blamed for this fiasco that saw our country being fractured by power brokers for weeks on end? The answer lies within him. All we can do now is to wait for newer developments before this evidence of him being the culprit became certain.

Although Malaysians willingly geared for changes and are excited about ‘reformasi’ being the key word that unites the rakyat in rejecting poor governance, the initial statements made by ‘virgin’ politicians in the ‘accidental’ takeover leaves many perplexed, and bedazzled. Then, there was the black shoe saga, the flying car syndrome, party infighting and disagreements with the exception of some abled-ministers whose performance were truly above par. Anthony Loke, Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh, Mohamed Bakhtiar, and Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, to name but a few. They are natural politicians. Of course there are other notable ones.But right now, the disappointed rakyat yearns for the opportunity to exercise their voters right and put right, once and for all, the democracy that was taken off them through the now infamous “Sheraton Move”..

Right after the naming of the new PM was announced, the reasons not to call for fresh elections is obvious. It works against PPBM. As the rakyat waddles through the pond, the more they feel the need to exercise their votes to usher the party hoppers out through the backdoor and out from parliament, nevermind if the PH coalition wins or not. That will instinctively push PPBM to oblivion because most of their MPs were involved in the crossover. To the rakyat, what should happen must happen, before kleptocracy again rears its ugly head to cripple the nation. That iconoclastic move already costs us two potential successors for the role of PM. One, was due to ???? , and the other, lost his popularity due to his involvement in the coup. The current opposition perhaps needs to recruit younger and more fiery ‘kamikaze pilots’ whose main mission is to regain back the dignity of the rakyat, whilst staying independent from the parties. Tun by then may no longer be the leader of choice because of his age. The younger ones must be seen and be heard, so that the nation will never again be drowned with lies nor taken hostage by a band of self/enriching megalomaniacs. That said, the rakyat certainly do not need anymore bleeps. The olive branch as well as the peace pipe should be reserved for more important truce than resolving personal ambitions.

The rakyat is indeed fed up.

Kris Lee 2020.

Next Adam

I remembered leaving only soil inside my pots and out shoots new plants. For those whom are concern about the extinction of mankind, I beg to differ. Given the right soil, sunlight and water, evolution again will begin. After our earth heals.

And when that happens, I’d like to be the next Adam. Scaring myself to death when the wind wails, thunder calls, darkness fell and dinosaurs appearing unexpectedly when I poop. That’s far more exciting than wearing face masks!

And I’d like to have Eve by my side. Maybe Eve should come before me. She can set up the fire and find a shelter and probably invent soap and shampoo. Can’t do without them. Then make a bed and cook. Life I think is sweeter with Eve around.

Everyone needs an Eve!



Son : “Daddy, I fell in love & I wanted to date this awesome girl!”

Father : “That’s great son. Who is she?”

Son: “It’s Tina, the neighbor’s daughter”.

Father : “Ohhh? I wish you hadn’t said that. I have to tell u something son, but you

must promise not to tell your mother. Tina is actually your sister.”

The boy was naturally bummed out.

A couple of months later..

Son : “Daddy! I fell in love again! This girl is even hotter!”

Father: “That’s great son. Who is she?”

Son: “It’s Penny, the other neighbor’s daughter!

Father : “Ohhhh? I wish you hadn’t said that. Penny is also your sister!”

This went on a couple of times more and the son was naturally upset he weeped then went straight to his mother..

Son : “Mum, I am so mad at dad! I fell in love with six girls but I can’t date any of them! Daddy said he is their father!”

The mother hugs him affectionately and said:

“Don’t worry love, you can date whoever you want. Don’t listen to him. He is not your


(Son Fainted)

(Author unknown)


“A pandemic this nasty humbles us, if I may be so bold to say, it is an awakening.

Mankind must readily recognize the signs of times and acknowledge our frailty in the face of a calamity this worrying and learn to be humble and meek. Our grey cells if not guarded is capable of being imaginative to the point of being dangerous. But if we can subdue our conscience and submit our inventiveness to wisdom, so can we foresee the consequences when our inventions are abused by the mischief and those greedy for control. And draw the line.

Can we overcome this?

Science has gone beyond the limits of protection it can afford humans because of each individuals ambition when smarter earthlings should lay waste more time and energy to help manage the evil existing inside us from frequently manifesting.

In most cases, money is the root of all evil. Stirred by passion.

We should by now, lay down our hostility, our enmity and even out all animosity that ever exist. Between man and man, brothers and brothers, enemies and enemies. As we reconcile, so then shall we deserve to bask in glory under God’s light.

Before it is to late for us to even breathe.”


A train hits a bus load of Catholic school girls and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates past St. Peter.

St. Peter asks the first girl, “Jessica, have you ever had any contact with a penis?”

She giggles and shyly replies, “Well I once touched the head of one with the tip of my finger.”

St. Peter says, “OK, dip the tip of your finger in The Holy Water and pass through the gate.”

St. Peter asks the next girl the same question, “Jennifer have you ever had any contact with a penis?”

The girl is a little reluctant but replies, “Well once I fondled and stroked one.”

St. Peter says, “OK, dip your whole hand in The Holy Water and pass through the gate.”

All of a sudden there is a lot of commotion in the line of girls, one girl is pushing her way to the front of the line.

When she reaches the front of the line St. Peter says, “Lisa! What seems to be the rush?”

The girl replies, “If I’m going to have to gargle that Holy Water, I want to do it before Tiffany sticks her ass in it.”

(Author Unknown)

Resourceful Idling

Two weeks are hell of a long for those who sits there idling with their phones prying on anything and everything except doing something worthwhile and truly meaningful. I’m not saying you can’t but for the constructive, this is a welcomed opportune. That could mean a moment spent with their loved ones to catch up on things that they never have time to because of work commitments, even just to hold hands and look upon each other fondly whilst counting the stars. There are those whose two weeks brings fulfillment in learning ~ to learn a song they have always wanted to, or even to learn a new recipe! There’re those who catches up on their reading, tidy up loose bills or redesign their business module based on the unfortunate developments. These are some of the exciting things one could do instead of poking fun at the ( I know I know! Unfortunately, they deserved all the darts!) shallow thinking authorities who spends more time calling for press conferences than going down to the ground.

For when the evil winds doth blow, there too are the imaginative who spends their time tweaking their funny brains whose eyes could only foresee baby boomers! For they are the ones who bring humor to the next level. In the midst there too are the wicked who discredits their competitors by posting fake news, reports, images, videos. There are also the paranoids, who spent hours blaming everyone else except he himself for hoarding tons of face masks whilst counting the rise in cases.

We all can be productive with our time. Or we can be negative staying lazy, sloppy and tardy throughout. It’s our choice. But try not to be a beacon of evil. Everyone is trying their best to stay afloat. A month without school and laying idle is only ok for those not facing exams. For the clever, it’s two weeks of undistracted revision time.

“Be vigilant and humanity shall shine. Be good so others can respect you.”

Write a poem, learn a song, cross-stich a cardigan , play with your child, clean your house! There are many other beautiful meaningful things you and I can do. Stare at your plants, look at the clouds, paint a picture! Count the grains of rice. Trail the ants! This world belongs to you and me!

A new world deprived of vanity pots who spends more time posting their selfie than helping old people cross the road! As if only they matter!

It’s a crazy world and it gets crazier by the day!

Whatever you do, try not to talk to yourself! Cos only the distracted does that!

Years ago, the restricted movement act were designed for belligerents. Today, it is applied to us. It says so much of our human race. Why? This world is a sad place. So don’t make it more sad! Help cheer the world up by being constructive instead of being grumpy! And don’t walk around asinine when clear instructions have been made.

If all your neighbors die, you die. Simple as that.

As you spring clean your home, spring clean also, your mind and fill it with hope and joy! Each of us is responsible for our own fate. You can watch a movie to entertain yourself whilst other watches a movie not only to entertain themselves, there’s a story they could learn from it. Train your mind to scale the heights!

But as the streets empty from the order with faint recollections of a once socially pleasant life, make the effort to glorify the nation and help eliminate the virus by social distancing. If not, we can only reminisce our laughter on haunted passsgeways if you and I do not confront the truth and share the pain.

Public Threat

“It’s a sham how our local authority handles the retardation of covid-19. If it is in Singapore, China or elsewhere, you’d be dragged off your feet by soldiers in protective suits the minute they identify you as a suspect therefore possible carrier because as a suspect, you are now considered a public threat. You become a public threat due to the contagiousness of the virus you are carrying!

So does our authority understand what a public threat means? Or are they still living in their own ignorant world?

I am amazed that our authorities need to urge or coax the attendees of mass gatherings to report to the health authorities as if it is still within their right as a public threat to choose between going for treatment or letting the virus make their rounds so that a virus so contagious can spread.

They should realize that that onus is on them to keep the rest of the citizens protected from public threat including the suspect who choose to surrender his fate to his God and they should understand that the suspects right is confiscated the minute that suspect becomes a threat to the nation. It is mind boggling to watch them defer making a harsh decision when they could go on all night to plot a coup.

What’s the matter with all of you? Caught a brainstorm?

Ini tabiat bodoh tau?“

Wants to Buy Mom

Little Boy attended a horse auction with his Parents..He watched as his father moved from horse to horse, running his hands up & down the horse’s legs, bum & chest. After a few minutes, the boy asked, “Dad, why are you doing that? His father replied, “Because when we buy horses, we have to make sure that they are healthy and in good shape!

Boy looking worried said, “Dad, I think Gupta’s uncle wants to buy Mom!”

(Author unknown)


“All kinds of viruses are floating in the air which makes one ill, some suffers immeasurably and the unlucky one, dies.

Not only Covid-19.

Perhaps it’s high time massive pylons of air purifiers are erected worldwide to clean and clear the air of unwarranted pollutants and harmful contents.

I know that is a tall order. What more, it won’t augur well with the sustainability of massive pharmaceutical companies. But the over dependence on medication and it’s supply has driven some countries and its citizens to madness!

Some parts of China already has them. But their functions right now, is to filter smog. We should seriously consider the possibility for the transfer of technology to happen.

I am imagining a new world order where the scientists and researchers of these large pharmaceutical concerns spends more time focusing on eliminating common, not only rare diseases like cancer, completely, including if possible, aging, that has plagued us for centuries.”

Electoral Revamp

There’s a dire need to revamp the entire electoral system. Otherwise the same pressing issues rears it’s ugly head every now and then. It is sad how an endearing democracy like ours is consistently under siege by those whom we trusted and voted in. It is grossly unfair to the rakyat yet, as time changes the world, and society changes to adapt, people got creative thus, so must our law be, to adapt to the changes to counter their counterproductive creativity, which undermines our trust in them, our laws and importantly, the wishes of the general public.

Umbrella rules can be amended by the blessings of every MP, if there are good MPs to begin with and endorsements can happen, if the amendments are fairly written before being tabled and debated in parliament.

If parliament takes the first step, political parties will follow.

Interesting enactments should include how approvals to party hop must be approved independently by each of these bodies. The Election Commission, the Prime Minister’s Office representing the Executives, our Lord President representing the Judiciary and our Council of Rulers representing the Monarchy and failure to receive endorsements from either one of them would render the entire application invalid. All approvals are to be administrated and handled by the Chief Secretary to the government.

If that is too tedious, esteem political parties needs to tie up their own party rules to deter party hopping. That will include a set duration preventing members from joining another political party by reasons of voluntary resignation or otherwise, and regulations preventing new party members from holding positions, heading a branch or division for a set duration. These two propositions works beautifully hand in hand.

Impose penalty if need be. Strict rules begets members loyalty when penalty by expulsion may not work, not unless our Penal Code addresses the severity of party hopping and sets its own penalties.

The rakyat is currently in no mood to let clowns make a mockery of our country by a backdoor takeover, ignoring the implications it has over our country’s economy, stability and putting the security of our country at risk. That deserves a harsh sentence by itself, when the country is held at ransom.

My two cents.