My house

Samy went to Obama’s house.

Samy: How did you construct such a huge & beautiful house?

Obama: Can you see a bridge there?

Samy: Yes

Obama: I built my house using the commission from that bridge construction.

Obama came to Samy’s house.

Obama: Your house seems much bigger & costlier than my house.

How did you construct it?

Samy: Can you see a bridge there?

Obama: NO

Samy: Ha ha ha….you can’t see it because I use that money to build my house!

(Author Unknown)

most happening

Animals live in a borderless world yet they respect each others right to live. They prey when hungry, feed their youngs, mate according to their in-built cycles, cleanses and they built nests. They have no use for money, the internet, transportation or the best of restaurants and they don’t eat their own specie up though they have no school to teach them not to. And they certainly don’t go around raping, shooting or cheating each others. I wonder what happened to humans, the most intelligent of species? I think we are but the most happening. And the silliest. That’s all.





There are limitations to what our human mind can conceive. Until we can imagine a new color, then can we imagine a new world order. But if one masters spirituality, one can create a new world order for himself and love mankind for what it is. Race, religion and creed will then automatically take a backseat.





Quite often, a man would be branded a cheat  when  a  woman  found  herself  in

a fight for attention towards the  man  she  mistakenly  thought  was  solely  hers.

Her expectations and demands grew as a requite towards a bargain she herself

voluntarily commits to. Well mind you, attraction is  both  ways  and  sex  by  force

is rape. Cos without committing to a date, that man would  be  couching  in  front

of the tv with a campbell soup can in hand romancing the star of his dreams.





There are glaring differences between the needs of a man as compared to  a  woman

where relationships are concern. Topping the list  for  women  is  caring  whereas  for

man, it is trust. These differences and there are many more, are ingrained in  us.  We

just have got to learn how to recognize  those  differences,  accept  it  and  live  with  it.

Because it is not going to go away by the wave of a magic wand. A man can be caring.

But not in the way a woman expects or demands how that man  should  care  for  her.

If he submits to her demands unwillingly, he would have lost  his  very  essence  that

makes him a man. He will then lose his gallantry, his knighthood and his respect  by

the very women whom he submits to. And when that  women  loses  respect  for  her

man, the relationship breaks down. Totally.