Qualities of a leader

“I value wisdom more than intellect, integrity more than capability, humility more than eloquence, patriotism more than charisma, a doer more than a dreamer besides one who inculcates stability in the country more than progress and meritocracy more than equality. These are the qualities I prefer in a leader. And I will give leaders who promote quota beit by race, seniority, sex or special privileges a miss. Albeit in education, work, government contracts, budget, promotion opportunities or the likes.
My concerns I’m sure are many peoples concern. Why can’t we give ten women candidates a chance if they display better leadership skills than ten foul mouthed men in Parliament? Why do we keep flooding our market with lorry loads of professionals who underperforms as undergraduate students? Why do we deny placements in universities for brilliant students into courses and electives they prefer eventhough they qualify?
If idiots are all garlanded with assorted degrees, soon, we would all be living with scalpels left inside our bodies, bridges and buildings that fails, a falling ringgit, and continue to have politicians who are convinced changing white shoes to black have effect over our students performance. We already have a minister who thought hot water can cure Covid, and another so excited about flying cars.
By your thoughtless quotas, you only create animosity, mistrust and anger amongst the non Malays, then wonders why they wouldn’t vote for you in each and every election.”


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