Without fear nor favour

By right, Parliament is the correct platform where the choice of PM is selected by virtue of federal constitution rules. Either by ‘show of hands’ or ‘secret ballot’. And by right, an MP when Parliament convenes, becomes the mouthpiece of his electorate and the rakyat, not his party. So he vote for whoever he deems fit without fear nor favour, without being penalised or answerable to his party. His decision is based upon who he, as an MP thinks is fit to lead our country from the candidate proposed and seconded on the floor by the party whom ‘commands the majority of seats in Parliament’, in this case PH. Because PH is a legitimate registered political party. And if PH has only one name, there is no need for a vote of confidence. Parliament just has to endorse Anwar. The Agong then approves it. Parliament seems to have screwed up the entire electoral process of choosing for a Prime Minister and our Agong, ill advised.


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