remember me by

remember me not

for the bad things I

did not do

but for all the roses I

scattered on your fair


remember me not

for the warts found on my skin

or the greying of my hair but

for my politeness that graces

your concerns


remember me not

by the odds that

weigh me down

that made you wise

for it won’t come again


our photos have bleached

the stains has blurred

but as I outstretch myself

way up high

I could only see love


and feel the mood

suspended on the clouds

and that is how you

should remember us by

the umbrella that we held tight..




love them or loathe them

Most women are like that. You either love them or loathe  them.  But  the  day  they  decided  to

love you is the day you say goodbye to all your female friends  and  I  mean  forever.  And  stop

hoping you can make more female friends too because to them, every women that walks  into

your life makes you  a  sex  fiend  except  of  course  your  very  own  mother,  your  sister(s)  or

your cousin(s). And if you think you can reason  out  with  them, forget  it.  They  won’t  admit  to

their own insecurity neither would they think that trust is the key  towards  a  successful  loving

relationship. And if those women are the only friends you have even before you  met  her,  she

would prefer that you speak to the wall. They don’t care about  senility. They have no  empathy.

They prefer to feed their pet green-eye monster and make life miserable and hell for you. That

they term it as caring. But if you are not that kind of women that I  just  lamented,  I  salute  you

for you are one in a million who is understanding that made your men successful!




a superstition

Chinese New Year is predominantly red. It is supposedly a lucky color~ a color of good health

and prosperity. But just how many of us got lucky when we adorn  ourselves  in  red?  I  would

akin it to gambling when the stakes are high where just about every yellow-skin punted at  the

same time but only a few if ever in the end struck it rich so to me, whatever that has to do  with

the believe in that color is just that- a superstition.




shirking responsibilities

Well-to-do offsprings are well known for shirking responsibilities  when  it  comes  to

their biological parents welfare preferring to devote their  time  to  care  for  their  own

child instead and as long as their parents physical existence and medical bills are in

the care of others, they are fine. Are these the kind of treatment parents deserve?





Some segments of our society needed to learn that there are indeed women who oozes sex

no matter how modest you cover them up and there are  also  those  whom  no  matter  how

alluring you expose them with cleavage and all, still doesn’t turn you  on  and  that  is  called

“sexiness”, an attraction not  many  women  has  that  could  earn  you  more  attention  than

you certainly crave for and that definitely has to do with  a  certain  kind  of  look  that  if  I  can

decode it would make me a much sought after adviser by women.