holy sinners

In Christianity, Jesus lived with  sinners,  Jesus  protects  sinners,  Jesus

saves sinners and eventually He died for sinners. Jesus  practically  exist

because of sinners.  So  if  ye  are  holy,  and  I  thank  God  that  out  there

is someone holy, why  don’t  ye  be  like  Jesus  and  do  what  Jesus  do?

Why are ye out  there  condemning  the  sinners,  distancing  ye self  from

sinners and preventing sinners from stepping into the house of  ye Lord?

And ye who claim to  know  the  bible,  ye  who  can  recite  the  bible  from

verse to verse, but  do  not  know  the  will  of   ye  Lord,  what  do  ye  want

Jesus to do for ye?




romances the mirror

Sometimes the ways of women can frighten the hell out of men. Horrendous creatures

that could affix their eyes in front of  the  mirror  for  hours  at  a  time.  It’s  a  lucky  thing

men could get some attention by bedazzling women with carbonized rocks  as  old  as

mankind~ or he’d always be left alone while she romances the mirror. If men  were  to

emulate her ways by staring  at  the  mirror,  then  a  thousand  and  one  things  would

sprout out from her mind~ more than enough to fill a barren  desert  like  ” I  think  he’s

got another women outside” or “Has he turned gay?”

Men, if you want some  sanity,  try  not  to  ponder  the  whys  when  she  romances  the

mirror. Just go and immerse yourself in some hobby  and  she’d  transform  into  a  cat

alluring you with side stares you know she’s watching your every  move  and  dissuade

you  so  you  could  turn  your  attention  towards  her  and  once   again   heighten   your

insanity. Ever wonder how men get high blood pressure?