Generation Y

To understand the work culture of today is to encounter intellectuals with college degrees. “Generation Y” as we called it. These bunch of youngsters can no longer adapt themselves to the work culture imbued in us many years back. We work as per instructed, get our pay, and hopefully save enough for a rainy day. They are different. Generation Y can’t do without their mobile phones and laptops. As they work for you, they are at the same time assessing and sizing up their own bosses and the company they worked with. When they see nothing is quite right, they quit without a second thought. Their motto is like this.. “As long as I got my work done, there is no point sitting on the desk all day long and when I am off the office, i could also help promote the company I work with so stop telling me what to do!”
Well, not every office is geared for the future and has a work culture like Google Headquarters as we understand it and because of that, many prefer setting up their own arty cafes, do sales and operate within the ambit of their spontaneity instead. They find excitement in info-tainment. Is that wrong?
I feel that as elders, we need to adapt to their mindset for they are the child of tomorrow. They shape the future. Not us. As elders, we can only seek to understand them then guide them to a safer path. But let them pave their own way to the future. The future looks shocking to most of us but to them, they live for today. They are not frighten of the future like us because they have friends all over the world reachable within the click of a button. They have never experienced agony or frustration anticipating a phone call or a letter that did not arrive. I myself believe that some of our old ways, like the usual office work culture, has to go too. There is alot of monotony facing the computer for 8-10 hrs, sometimes 12hrs without communicating. and with a boss with a “This is my office, I am the law attitude” I believe it affects our sanity very much. So are we to stop them the Generation “Y”? i say flow with the tide and guide their direction. But leave them to steer the boat to their own destiny..




Over Here on the Swing

A man was sound asleep on a rainy night and was aroused from his sleep by a drunk pounding on his door at 3:00 AM.

His wife says, “Answer the door!”.

So he begrudgingly gets up and goes to the door. The guy, slurring his words and obviously drunk says, “I need a push!”.

The man says, “It’s 3:00 AM. No! I can’t help you.” And he slams the door. He goes back to bed. And his wife says, “What was that all about?”

The man says, “It was a drunk. He wanted a push. I sent him packing. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m not about to go out in the rain at this hour!”

The wife reminded him that they had been in a similar situation and that at about the same hour in the morning, they pounded on a door and got the help they needed. She shamed him and, feeling guilty, he got back up, put on his pants and raincoat and went outside. The guy was nowhere to be seen.

He hollered, “Do you still need help?” “Hey buddy, do you still need a push?”

Off in the distance, he hears a slurred response, “Yeah! I still need a push.”

The man says, “Where are you?”

The drunk responds, “OVER HERE ON THE SWING!”

(Author Unknown)