What Subsidies Exactly?

When covid happens, the economy fell across the board. Everyone including landlords were affected. People were forced to take unpaid leaves and pay cuts. Many were retrenched. And many committed suicide. Businesses big and small were wiped out.
Except the nondescript essential goods suppliers. Except government and glc servants whom received extra benefits when working hours was cut to half? For them, it was business as usual. And prices of essentials did not fall. But now, you thought it a good idea to float essential goods prices on the pretext of removing subsidies? What subsidies exactly when importers need to be contented with licenses and approved permits? How do you justify raising the price of essentials when essentials weren’t affected? How do you justify removing subsidies when the benefit came in handouts again to government and glc servants? And that one CEO could have his annual remuneration raised from rm300k to rm480k?

God’s Grand Plan

Everything in this world is just momentary. Nothing stays forever. The climate changes, trees petrify into rock, love dies, even water dries up.
The universe according to science is made up of sub-atomic particles, but men, as according to creation, are made up of two distinct elements. Body and spirit. The bible teaches us that God forms men out of clay, then breathes life into it. That life, which was breathed into the body, which we call spirit, is the soul. A two-step process. The soul arrives and awakens the body, then stays inside it. And once the soul has achieved its intended purpose, it then leaves the body. The body becomes motionless. That is when we die. In other words, we don’t own our own soul. They are giventh by God to fulfil his grand purpose which without it, our body is lifeless. That means, our soul belongs to God, our creator. Thus, the existence of man is to fulfil the wishes of our creator, because it is through the soul that gives the body life.
So, do not convince yourself that life has no meaning. It does. Each of us has a purpose, which is to fulfil God’s grand plan, the creator’s objective for the universe. Of course, each of our purpose will forever remain a mystery. But we should be proud of it since we are part of God’s grand plan. Putting it in another way, when mortals procreate, men injects seeds into the womb of the woman we mixed with, which then grows. The whole process takes a year, the invisible first three months where the soul travels some distance to the body, adjust and adapts itself to the life form, and the visible nine months where pregnancy is confirmed in the first three months, and then we watch the baby grow in the mothers womb before it was born. And when the baby cries, that is the sound of the frightened soul as it steps out into the unknown world called earth, trapped inside a mortal’s body. That’s how life is made. It will forever be a mystery when our souls would leave us. But more importantly, each of us needs to live life to the fullest, because each of us fulfils God’s grand plan.”