How Great Thou Art

How   great    thou    art

that is so unreachable

with  miserly   pockets..




pharaoh’s grip

I dream a dream

untainted by the fouls

of man

that I could camel in the heat

without being tormented

by man

nor scorned at seeking refuge

under the olive tree

by man


I dream I knelt

and pray for the breath

of God

to fluff me away

from the pharaohs’ grip

by God

and away from the pyramids

which held no grain

of God


and let go completely..




poisoned arrows

those darts and zips

those deliberate gold lines

that do no purpose

but rail your couture

sexay skin hugger

uncannily unzip

my little boy thoughts

darting my curiosity

over your AAA+ boday

carelessly breaking

my single lane

overextended bulge zip

into a double track

two rail circus

linking all those

of my same specie

who were there

darting beside me

into a catastrophic


volcanic range..



poisoned arrows..




nectar from heaven

in   the    middle   where   I   sat

within  the   dark   surround   of

your      curvaceous       contour

the     melody     of     your     life

hums  in  my  ears   fashioning

all  that  is   bitter   into    sweet


as I gazed up  that  sound hole

I   saw   your   slender   fingers

motioning   in  longing   fluidity

gesturing  on  the  strings  that

connects   your  inner  soul   to

my    languid     passive    heart


with  you   I  am  harnessed  by

the  tresses  of  your    mastery

hoisting  me  into  your  corona

of             endless            beauty

freeing    me    from    the   yoke

that       once      enslave       me


with    you     I     found     nectar

flowing   down    from    heaven

and  the   melody  of   your   life

interpreted  through  your  grip

gushes in between the  strings

finally filling up the sound hole..




a nobody


I am

I am a

I am a nobody

I am a nobody wanting

I am a nobody wanting to

I am a nobody wanting to be

I am a nobody wanting to be somebody

I am a nobody wanting to be somebody in

I am a nobody wanting to be somebody in your

I am a nobody wanting to be somebody in your life




cos I found hope with you

I found hope with you

found hope with you

hope with you

with you







do I marry a woman

who never took care

of my heart?


do I keep an anxious lover

hidden inside the darkroom

knowing that her pigments

will soon fade

without light?


do I not feel the need

to feed the hunger of the self-righteous

who wrestles in territorial disputes not of their own

when our god of love knows no boundaries?





we remain

forever close in the distance

of our own world

sharing the nearness

spaced by comforts

of our own choosing


we remain

a picture reflected in the lights

of our own breath

sharing the elusiveness

within the aches

of our tired heart


we remain

a grail

of our own heart

yet spaced in between heaven

and the tips of our finger

is a safe embrace that calls us


to remain..