Uncanny Ways

“God has an uncanny way to solve problems. At most times he uses nature, at others he sends businessmen that carries crude diplomacy to ensure political correctness which is hardly pleasant. But our current world has them. Putin, duterte, Shinzo Abe, jokowi, hard policies and language you may not like but only terrorist understands. We were, since young, been taught to be flexible and adapt. The more adventurous were taught the scouts honor- be prepared. So are we prepared to adapt to a new cultural language sweeping the world right now or should we continue to ignore corrective surgery long due and adhere to conservative diplomacy which may plunge us deeper into implosion after years of watching bolder politicians betray our trust and terrorist culling our freedom, both smiling, both laughing at us as they get used to the ropes of crime and corruption suffocating us with power from within? You decide. As for me every action has reaction. When God jolts, submit. His ways are not our ways. If he doesn’t care to send weeders, your wheats may soon be strangled.”

Uncanny Urge

“The problem with most people is that they have an uncanny urge to vote idiots in as leaders I do not know if I should condemn them for their stupidity or marvel at their fascination with candidates who could form sentences in many languages and concoct promises made out of hot air.”