flower under the sun

Trees cannot grow under continuous rain. Life begins after

it stops and little buds began to flower  under  the  sun.  So

therefore too much of teaching does not make a child grow.

Give your views a chance to sink  in  and  let  the  child  trod

happily on the puddle. Let them slip  and  fall  and  they will

grow.  With  smiles  on  their  faces..




before our eyes

when  we  turn  over  a   fallen  leaf  and

the veins appear weak  before our eyes

does   that   mean  that  we  are  ageing

or  is  the  leaf  ageing  before our eyes?


when   we   turn   away  our   memories

as what lies ahead fog before our eyes

does that mean that we are weakening

or  is  the page leafing before our eyes?




three bins

three           bins


one    for  glass

one  for  plastic

one   for  paper


hmm     I    said

then      thought

for           awhile


three bins only?


hmm   I  smiled

then released it

from my fingers




it went onto the floor







my  ice  cream  stick.




you don’t but I do

you don’t recall

but I do

of how our oilfields

were once plundered by you

yet it is you

that scissors the red ribbon

in initiating a sea of blue


you don’t remember

but I do

of how our skies

were once so blue

yet you giggle yourself silly

as you cruise through your fleet

of red oxygen spas


you don’t believe

but I do

that heaven only lives

in our mind so blue

but hell

is all around us

where your red paint drips..




Large Paintings, Small Paintings

Large paintings  is  like  our  own  personal

garden   where   one   ponders   around   in

privacy,  appreciating   the   serenity   taking

shape before one’s eyes, being  surprised

by the unexpected bloom  hidden  within  it.


Small paintings are different. They  lend  a

special  touch.  They  are  like  a   personal

friend.  They talk to you,  they walk with you.





and perhaps all the ruins that man

discovers deep in the interiors are

but  remnants of  a  civilization  not

lost  but  abandoned  in   favor   of

basic needs~ growing tails whilst

developing strong shoulders  and

arms  to  help  them  swing   from

tree  to  tree..




mysteries of god

The mysteries of  God  are  made  up  of  steps.  If  you  can

open  up  your  mindset,   so  can   you  climb  up   and   the

truth  shall  be  revealed  to  you  petal  upon  petal.   But  as

you  climb   up  rung   after   rung,   you   will   discover   that

the  air  above   gets   thinner  and  thinner   and   that  there

will be fewer and  fewer  people  who  could  relate  to  your

mindset   and  you  are   going   to   be   lonely   looking   for

acceptance~   searching  for  that  needle  in  the   haystack

who could  look at  issues  both  ways  and  be  your  friend.

If you cannot accept  that, you  can  always  go  back  to  the

first  rung  but  those  who  had  remain  in  comfort  forever

will only  leave  you  in  despair.  And eventually  you  vacate

because you know  that  you  don’t  belong  there   anymore

while grieving for them. And that is how  hermits  are  made.




mutual respect

This world is going to  survive  longer  if  each  of  us  mutually

respect each others religion and rights to live.  If  governments

cannot  do  it  and  is  in  fact  exploiting  it  pitting  one  against

the other for their own selfish benefit, then we have  got  to  do

it.  Either  that  or  we  have  to  denounce  religion  completely.

You choose..




call of the living

I caved in

to the silence

of the cicadas

unwittingly waving

at the shadows

that peer through the

slivers of grass

or am I alive

or dead to the call

of the living?


it is lonely

where I dip

paddling to keep up

with the carps

tossing messages

into the river

in little capped bottles

hoping that

the living shall

read it?


and I may be alive

or I may be dead

but at least

my soul does not

live in disguise

nor are they


or weary

to the call of the living

which I dread..




god is the garden

God is not hidden in the garden, God, he is the garden and the garden  His  womb.

Where dawn first shone, man was molded out of  God’s  clay  and  breathed,  after

being fed the breath of life.  And man thus danced in glory to His  own  image  and

likeness and so it was that  man  walked,  then  ran  after  seeing  his  own  image

reflected in the pools of God. Man lived in His garden amongst tall trees and  huge

crevices for shade and protection and man  lived off  the  garden  which  fends  his

hunger and thirst  but  man  again  ran   in   fright,   on   seeing   strange   shadows

imitating his like.  And man hurdled beyond the limits  of  His  horizon~ when  man

couldn’t recognize the He that spoke from the small bushes and fervents..


God is not hidden in the garden, God, he is  the  garden.  The  garden  that  meets

mans eyes and from it sprung mans hearts. And if  man  is  truly  the  reflection  of

God himself, then the reflection of  man is the garden itself.  And  if  man  tends  to

the garden with the same spirit and love that God forms man, then man took  care

not only of his own well-being but that of the spirit of  God.  For God did  not  make

himself  beyond man’s  reach, but  man  chose  to  reach  Him  beyond  their  own

understanding of  God  that  is  the  garden.  And  in  His  garden,  there  were  two

comfort leaves. One He covered Adam, the other Eve..




pillow of my dreams

veyouiloveyouilo                    youiloveyouilove

 ouiloveyouiloveyouilove             veyouiloveyouiloveyouil

oveyouiloveyouiloveyouilove      veyouiloveyouiloveyouilovey












you are the pillow of my dreams

in my dreams you are the pillow





Words  written   can   sometimes   be  misconstrued.

Unpleasant words that  create  unpleasant  rows  or

situations especially  should  always  be  discarded,

erased,  as   they   give   hurt    and    are   not   worth

cherishing. Friendship is different. Friendship unites

borders.   Friendship   should    be   cherished.   Not

discarded nor erased at our whims and fancies..


our relationship  and  attachment  with  this  world  depends

entirely on our relationship  and  attachment with its  people

and of how they relate and attach  themselves  to  the  world

by   their   relationship   and   attachment   with   its    people.




I can’t

I  can’t  hear

melody    in     my     home

I  can’t   see

love   in   a    barren    land


for  the pitter-patter

of  a young girl’s  footstep

doodling  her  hopes  and

dreams  in little canvases

for company

with tears in her thoughts


I   can’t   feel

harmony   in   your    tone

I can’t smell

roses with your demands


for the murmur

of  a  sweet  girl’s  prayer

pinning    doodles    with

artful  hearty  messages

outside the door

to      my     heart


I can’t..





A true encounter with God is the closeness one feels  knowing God is

always by their side and when two or three are gathered by His name,

there He will be. Therefore all the special effects worshipers desire to

enhance  their so-called spiritual experience  is  unnecessary. These

worshipers are merely waddling on the  surface of  a very  deep pond..