the sky cried

when I begged of you

to stop

you ignored  my plea

and carried on nailing

you should have


the sky cried

when it saw me hung

and drenched

frailly calling  on you

not to forsake us


but you walked away

from the storm

clinging on tightly to

your cloak of ego

disregarding my plea


when I begged of you

to stop

you should have

and so I walked away

the sky cried..



no longer great

we  can no longer  be  great

if   we choose   to   distance

we   cannot   yield   strength

lest  we   could   both   moat

and soak clean the distress

and   till   we    cuddle   back

in   pampery    smiley   unity

we  can no longer be  great..





you have flown away



as you flap

and turn your head down

you saw

that I was waving at you

and uttering to you

from below

but from a height like this

and the view that holds

promise before you

you soared on

you knew

that even if you did


you would have great difficulty

understanding me

because you are a bird

and I am a man

and I was not structured

with wings like yours

and moreover

you will be annoyed


trying to decipher me

speaking in a tongue

not of your own


and so freely you flew on

without regard..





peaceful dove

on the palm

of my left hand

you placed

your heart


peaceful dove

you contorted

my right hand

to image the left

and on it

you planted

your soul


peaceful dove

as I closed my eyes

you opened up my mind

and rested in

your worries


in tranquility

your breath now

permeates my conscience

your sequential giving

changed me

there is speech

in this stillness


peaceful dove

like a yogi

I mused

at your inner beauty

in between silence..