Wild Accusations

Americans must be easily deceived to believe that China needs to send a balloon the circumference which is the length of three car across the North Pacific, to spy on their continent when they are not short of sophisticated satellites. Not a very smart move ain’t it to send something so visible when one should remain hidden if one wants to stalk on others? Even more incredible is that their commander in chief said it was hovering at an altitude of 60k ft or 12 miles high which on a normal day with clouds and dust particles in the sky, no one, not even those who filmed it in Montana could see it with their naked eye? Look. Homemade video evidences are all over. And then, without allowing China it’s right to defend your accusation, you had it shot down. Why? When your general said it poses no risk to its citizens? To erase evidences and not allow China to defend themselves after accusations had been thrown at them? How could your general be so sure an alien balloon poses no risks? Have his explosive experts inspected it? Why again allow it to hover across the Pacific? You did not detect something so big on your radar screen then? You said it was manoeuvrable. So why don’t you cooperate with China to have it removed from your air space? To justify your right to infringe Chinese airspace the same way you infringe their Taiwan straits?

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