Dear US

Stop policing the world as if it belongs to you. Stop believing that only you are the saint whereas everybody else is evil. You have been very intimidating, fearful, paranoid, suspicious and presumptuous over every little good effort others has contributed to the world. And you are convinced that only you are right but others are wrong. We have heard of narcissistic personality in people but one entire country?
Open up your mind to the exotic idea that indeed there will always be fundamental differences between the East and the West so be fascinated with our uniqueness. Kungfu is different from boxing. You gave the world science but we taught you spirituality. If you claim others have transgressed your technology, so did you our Gods’, paper, gunpowder, silk, porcelain and tea. Have you forgotten you have been praying to an Asian God by the name of Jesus who taught you the second most important commandment which is ‘to love your brothers as I have loved you’? And so, be courteous and grateful. Your history says it was the Chinese migrants who painstakingly built the transcontinental railway throughout your entire country. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from us how we have learnt from you. And btw, technology transfers didn’t happen overnight. Your American companies including Apple wanting to exploit China’s cheaper labour went in full force to set up factories there so you could earn more profit. China didn’t say you must!
Right now, the whole world knows why you have wilfully wedged yourself in between mother & child countries and rife up their relationship. And it is not because of economy. The real reason is so that you could set up two more military bases both in Taiwan and Ukraine closest to your nemesis China and Russia to add up to your USD3trillion yearly budget of 750 over military bases worldwide by pretentiously acting as their bouncers. And your show of might would also translate to the disposal of outdated arms and armament ready to be shared by EU, Australia and Japan. Dear US, you can’t forever be so predictable. It’s humiliating.
I would urge you to adventure around in our terrain and be fascinated by the wonders of our ever graceful friendliness. Watch how graceful Shiva is carved in stone at the Angkor Wat. Observe the teaching of Buddha. Learn our customs, get used to our traditions, learn the art of genuine handshake, and treat others fairly if you want others to treat you fairly. But we don’t force you to accept our ways or our systems. Learn not to be upset if we do things differently from you.
To us ordinary civilians, it doesn’t matter to us which country is the economic power. It only matters to us that everyone has the right to live, has enough food to eat, clothes to wear and have a roof over our heads. It matters to us that every person has their fundamental right to education, transportation, and access to medical facilities when in need. And we want peace with every other nation. And we want to see the word ‘Alien’ being replaced by ‘Foreigners’ in all US arrival halls. And maybe one day, you’ll learn how to point your guns at the sky instead of your neighbours because the real intruders as you’ll discover in the end, are the asteroids and meteors crashing down to earth. Not your neighbours.


6 responses to “Dear US

  1. Well said… the earth is like a spaceship cruising through the heavens, except no one is manning the ship, and we are all one and vulnerable to “asteroids and meteors crashing down to earth. ” Let us pray to whatever God or God’s is your choice for sanity that we put the guns down and live as one and protect our one little preious glorious planet and the life on it.

      • Smiles! My expectations were low on Biden.
        Not because he is Biden ..but because our country is divided and our thinking is all over the map. We cannot keep on thinking and doing like we have been. But a new model and an agreement for our democracy has to be for the survival of us all.
        America is in for a rude awakening our country is out of control so sad to see all the suffering in the land of “milk and honey” and “gold paving the sidewalks”
        But I still have hope for us there are many free thinkers and innovative people in our society and in the world that can bring us to the 21st century in a more balanced way of life. Just musing.

      • What America needs is an Asian president. To be exact a Chinese president. And You’ll see your ratings go up by ten notches and improvements in your economy within 3 months if not a year. Which of course will never happen.

      • Smiles Kris.
        Never say never to stranger things have happened in this country… We did have an African American President Obama. Twice …
        This is America anything is possible the land of opportunities… Smile’s.
        Well whoever we get next or after that one is going to have his or her work cut out for them. Change is inevitable change is coming if we are to survive has a nation or more importantly as a world Change our ways we must .. regardless of race religion gender …etc..

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