Good Design

“Good design in the broadest sense are either decorative or functional art made either to fascinate, thrill or leave a lasting impression upon other men, to improve and beautify his own environment and others as well, to serve or assist men in his daily living in relation or compliance with men’s own ergonomic limitations, expectations and mobility, and to fulfill men’s imbued purpose- which is to create a better world for ourselves and our habitat .Preferably also, it is made of sustainable materials”

Detachable Wings

If we are all born sinners as according to St. Paul, then the clergy should stop the laities from sharing the good word. But many a clergy are sinners as well. False? So how?
For only a good tree will bear good fruit we were all told. But crooks has produced many a scholar and scholars has produced many a crook as well. How then?
Confession can absolve one’s sin. But can it purify one’s thoughts?
Therefore for those who lead dubious private lives, please refrain from teaching or sharing the good news. It takes discipline to acknowledge that your own private life is in shambles.
And for the spiritual, self reading the bible may be the answer to a good clean relationship with God. Have a personal online with God. If your backyard is not laden with filth to begin with.
I must admit I am no angel but I am sure I do not wish to be misguided by those with detachable wings..


“Your perception is entrenched by the art circle you trusted. If scholarship pursuits doesn’t court connoisseurship, art pursuits will never flourish and most artist will wilt to oblivion. Who can continually support a vocational adventure whose objective but interest and archiving and those with vested interest churns not a financial break even? Which artist could have their dreams fulfilled if the first hurdle of connoisseurship wasn’t vetted thru before institutional collecting? In the first place have they ever thought of how their works could linger in the minds of decision makers linked to larger institutions? How about the waiting time? Where does the funds come from and why in particular of all artist must you think you are the deserving one?”