Creativity and the Computer 

With or without the advent of computers, art & design, as long as it has a foot inside our mind, is a design to be realized. Though it hibernates and thrives inside our brain till we coax it out. And as long as we can dream it, it can be realized. If we want. Only slower. Escher for one has outlive trickery complications without the computer, and so are the creators of Patek Philippe watches and Rolls Royce engines. Without the computer, David Copperfield could also fool our eyes and brain with his magic. So, did computer enable man to be more creative? The answer is no. The computer at this time and age, is an engine of growth, for mankind. It solves complicated equation faster and it is a tool for men to realize their creation faster and easier. 3-D printing could carve severely complicated works faster than what men can do with just a hammer and a chisel. But the design still comes from the brain of men. Just saying.