Connecting the Dots

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“When we witness an all familiar scene flashing across our eyes, when we conjure images at the back of our minds listening to others, when we dream…, these auto-reflexes are how we react to our sub-conscience, sending our subtle body out for another bout of astral travelling, tying our past, present and future up into one matrix happening within the same plane. And if our subtle body is capable of separating and exploring beyond our physical form, as noted by Lobsang Rampa in his book ‘The Third Eye’, fast forwarding or backtracking time to trigger magical occurrences such as dreams and déjà vu’s, so is everything conceivable in our world formed out of built energies ~ vibrating atoms capable of zigzagging, travelling and reorganising itself asserting to the fact that indeed, we all lived in a parallel universe alongside different civilisations beit from the past, the current or present or from the future.

According to the theory of the block universe, the past, present and future exists or happens simultaneously. And one dimension is the shadow/projection of another. Though science have not determined that dreams, imagination and déjà vu’s are the fourth dimension reflected against our three dimensional world, and whether or not there are any other dimensions besides these few, just how close or far we are to these civilisations will depend very much on our capability to traverse through space and time which conventionally would take millions of years cramping and hovering inside tiny space crafts.

Till today, mankind have uncovered futuristic artefacts clearly misplaced in earlier civilisations that has left experts baffled eg. Sanxingdui, The Disc of Sabu etc. not to mention encounters of the third kind and hieroglyphics images carved in stones, evidences confirming that aliens co-existed, and we indeed do have company. Distant cousins whom differs in looks, outlooks and intelligence given their technological breakthroughs, possibly hovering on differing wavelengths or planes of existence, thought to be suspended within this same vast infinite space.

Modern science since the 60s had mankind searching for life beyond earth. And since then, humanoids have launched outer space missions sending signals as far as the sounds could reach throughout our entire solar system, in search of our blood brothers. But it remains to be seen if we could scout the entire galaxy, with millions or more galaxies scattered around the universe, relying on our primitive capabilities. The size of our galaxy alone is estimated to be 100k light years wide. And because of that, we may never be able to explore even its entire perimeter given one lifetime. It would take us hundreds of generations to perform that task let alone they. Where they come from, we do not know. But they have reached our solar system, astonishingly survived breathing our air, and left their artifacts and spaceships behind. Based on these factors and the block theory, it is not far fetched to believe that our different civilisations stacks up like a cat ladder, one on top of the other, hovering on different wavelengths, with heaven at the topper-most and hell below. And because we have spent a lifetime searching for them to no avail, it is possible we are searching for them in the wrong plane or wrong wavelength. Only to meet them appearing and vanishing suddenly in our sky, just like how our dreams appear and vanishes in an instant.

So, what we humans need is not a more powerful telescope or spacecraft, but a newer technology which enables us to open up the sky and cross each or every civilisation with ease, within a flash. A doorway that opens perhaps one plain of civilisation to the next besides it. It’s behaviour is akin to the thumbnails on our phone screen whereby one touch of a thumbnail will lead us to different application systems. Therefore, for us to reach these civilisations, we need to build a doorway for each of them, or one doorway access to all. That doorway will bridge us to them and compresses all the infinite space found in the universe within its threshold. In simple terms, if let’s say there are only ten civilisations that existed, imagine ten mirrors surrounding the circumference of our Earth, and by entering one mirror would draw us into one particular civilisation. This is the kind of technology we need rather than traversing the vast infinite space. What we don’t realise is, the aliens have already built their invisible doorway floating in our sky to visit us. And anytime any aircraft passes through it, it would be sucked and drawn into a time tunnel leading us to their civilisation. My guess is that their doorway happens to be located where the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle’ is. That is the doorway they uses to reach us which remains invisible to mortals like us till this day.

The next big question is how do we traverse to these parallel universes not unless death sets in. Because that may be the only time besides dreams and déjà vu that our soul will step out from our lifeless body and enters one of the numerous mysterious doorway.

I too believed that amongst all the doorways is one doorway which opens up to Hell and that is where one will cease to exist, being consumed by fire. But if one is an average God loving person depending on one’s ability to understanding the concept of mankind, one’s soul would be routed into one of those doorways and there one will continue to live, albeit in different forms and on a different astral plane. And I believe that reincarnation also happens when one is shuffled back into Earth’s doorway. And with this solves one of the greatest mysteries of life on earth. In other words, one will never die lest he or she is sent to Hell. And if one is good, one will live forever, just like what God promises, without elaborating that one would be hovering from one plain of existence to another. The day we die is the day one gets zig zagged around the different doorways of civilisation. Thus, there is no need for mankind to further explore space or even attempting to build the doorway. It will appear in front of us the day we die, as many near-death experienced individuals have attested ~ that they were led to walk towards a doorway. So, it is already there.

God has already built it. For us.”

⁃ Kris Lee 2023.


2 responses to “Connecting the Dots

  1. Interesting blog post we have other portals according to different stories Admiral Richard Byrd 1946 and the Antarctica and other sights etc.
    I read all his books Lobsang Rampa starting with his most famous “The third eye”.
    Interesting claim being a walk in.. it would have been nice to meet him in person when he was alive and living on the Pacific Northwest in Canada. Don’t know if that was possible?
    I can add a few other notables who outshined Rampa and were more credible. Still much to think about – we know so little

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