Uncertainty and Heaven

“Men fears uncertainty. Death is an uncertainty. Thus men fears death. And because of that, the concept of heaven was born. Promising everyone an eternal life for as long as you honor and have faith in God and his commands, love your brothers, honor your elders, do good, stay away from harm and give while you can.
But men being men, are mischievous.
And because men are born from God, and God loves all his children, the concept of confession, forgiveness of sins and penance was born. So men could redeem themselves and the promise of heaven, kept alive.
But does heaven exist to keep men’s faith worthwhile?
In our midst are those who believes that keeping faith squares off sins because God is all forgiving. While the uncertain bribes their way out, embellishing the altar and temples with gold, pampering their pastors, and retire as gatekeepers in full service with God.
And so with all their might, they prayed.
To keep the concept of Heaven alive, to keep their fear of death subdued, whilst drenching Mother Earth with the blood of martyrs, and keeping the destitute , the marginalized and dejected away from holy ground.”


If a prophet by clear dictionary definition means a person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration, a person chosen to speak for God, then anyone who speaks on the pulpit proclaiming God’s word is by your sweeping regard, a prophet. However, in the second definition, a prophet could be a seer/soothsayer/forecaster. Shouldn’t both be read together?
And who anoints a prophet? God or its people? If it is God, it is clearly divine intervention. But what if it is people?
To me, one whom by outstanding example and enlightenment does good, provides, protects, leads well, and has followers is a politician. But to be a prophet, you have to fulfill both definitions above as defined by the dictionary not forgetting that you too have to be anointed by God. Not by its people.

Wasting Time

There was a small boy who was put to bed by his parents. The boy had a nightmare, and got out of bed to go to his parents room.

When he got there, he saw mommy bouncing up and down on daddy. When his dad noticed him in the doorway, the kid ran away.

The mother got off and got dressed quickly, and went to the boy’s room. He was in his bed, and he asked, “Mommy, what were you doing to daddy?”

The mother replied, “Well, your father has noticed his belly getting bigger, and I was just trying to flatten his tummy for him by bouncing on it.”

“Oh, that’s what you were doing. But you’re wasting your time mommy,” the boy said.

“Oh, and why is that?” The mom asked.

“Because everyday when you leave for work, the neighbor lady comes over, gets on her knees and blows it right back up again.”

(Author Unknown)