“Men are insecure creatures. Men constantly needs affirmation and attention. Though men can attain that from their loved ones, men allay their fears by producing medicines and weapons to protect themselves. Not only did they make weapons to protect themselves, they made weapons to destroy what to them is a possible intrusion of their right to exist. Men is not willing to die in the hands of others or through the carelessness of other men. Men too has made medicines not only to cure the sick but men made inventions and pills to stop aging or delay the process. If possible to make them immortal. In that scope of activity, men needed reassurance, comfort and solace. Someone that they can trust or tell their innermost secrets to. And certainly men wouldn’t want to revere to another men because through time men has proven to leak secrets. Men also seeks a higher personality, a supreme being that could offer them protection whenever they are threatened and someone they can revere to who listens to their worries but never argue back like a good friend does to soothe their insecurities. To assure them that all are fine amidst all the humdrum. Thus from the beginning of time, each men created their own god. A stone, a figurine, a mountain, the sky, money? Many seeks the wisest of people to lead them, to protect them, thus follow their teachings and doctrines, then decided to make them God. Men then became happily secured.”

Living in the 70s

What’s nice about living in the 70’s can’t be replicated today. Like banging the tv to make good a bad reception and sneak hiding oneself when an unwelcome visitor knocks on your door. I particularly missed cars of yesteryears cos they come without air cond allowing the wind to shape my hairstyle and the rain making its way into the car interior from the slit left open on the side windows. Anyone ever experience making funny gargling sounds in front of table fans? The best part is those days we are all telepathic. We can predict who calls when the phone rings and request the one answering the call to tell the caller we are not around..


If we care to look around, there is too much excess of everything. Especially those ostentatious hip cafes crowding the streets with chalkboard menus, coffee makers, cemented flooring, fungied walls, latte art, good words being chosen as names for these so called hip restaurants and motels that don’t do justice to the name, ill mannered waiters that do not speak English, standing there looking suave but does not know what’s inside the menu nor the art of waiting. If I maybe allowed to, I wish for more localized food instead of spaghetti, salads, watery soups and hot buns. As if that is our culture. Lol my list is long…