one perfect cocktail

bitter green ambarella                          – you

salted brown sour plum                        – me

dash of castor sugar             – sweetness

lots of cold crushed ice         – challenges

blend it all together         – our relationship

pour it into a glass                  – god’s hand

one perfect cocktail      – recipe of our love




two timed

I bled

when the words were uttered

I trusted and believed you

but you betrayed me

you two timed

each time my back was turned

you carelessly

toss faithfulness to the wind

but I forgave you..


I bled

and if not for my believe

that everyone makes mistakes

that everyone deserves

a second chance

and if not for your tears

I could have bitten my tongue

but i did not

I forgave you..


I bled

as these words were uttered

I questioned my decision

to live with a phobia like this

every time your back turns

so help me to sustain us

by not allowing me to doubt you

and confidence will again return

because I forgave you..




a paradox too lovely to forgo

(my first poem reposted- Nov 17th 2009)


love takes away their breath

yet in that fatal breathlessness

they find life

like a lily blooming in winter

I relish in your cocoon

the sweet smell of scented petals

garnishing my thoughts

for I know I will never wilt

and dews will never form

only frozen in time

with you..




scarlet rain

scarlet rain

you stain every perception

that appears before us

soaking us with your ugliness


scarlet rain

your taste of salt

swayed our composure

consumed us with your doubts


scarlet rain

we backed away from you

but you always linger on the foreshore

allowing your stench to permeate


scarlet rain

you have no reason to be here

you are at the wrong place

leave us alone..






you seeped into my life

through the sound holes

of your flute

you overtured on wings

striated on its melodies

gliding by the remotest

of my terrain

through the suppleness

of your fingers

you soothed my senses


sending ripples

through my ears

skimming the surface

of my verdant paddy field

and into

my troubled heart

that is when

I began to calm..




The Perfect Poet Award

Jingle’s The Perfect Poet Award Week 8

with the Poem titled- waters off penumbra

Thank You Jingle for this Award.

Thank You youseihime for your nomination.


Jingle’s The Perfect Poet Award Week 7

with the Poem titled- soots

Thank You Jingle for this Award.

Thank You Kseverny for your nomination.


Jingle’s The Perfect Poet Award Week 6

with the poem titled: emptiness

Thank You Jingle for this Award.

Thank You Jingle for your nomination.


waters off penumbra

waters off penumbra

we are but elements

on the silken loom

while you weft quietly

under the moonlight

weaving rivers of patterns

back and forth

over and under me

I warped

facing the stars

I dutifully clung on to receive you

our tendrils go different ways

we function differently

but we accentuate in great finesse

with your skill and determination

and my strength

with you above

and me supporting below

the tapestry of our love

finally flourish in brilliant colours

waters off penumbra

we deserve the accolades together

we revolutionise

and we did it

with no thimble..




scented flowers

scented flowers

your petals sublime me

I trace your contours

in awe

fingers unfailing

every spread


and moist

that glistens

its delicate surface..


scented flowers

you spellbound me

I closed my eyes

and by the breath of day

I melted

between the sprays

of your lovely petals

in all sweetness

in all freshness

I peer open..


scented flowers

that one moment

brought thousands of petals

come raining down



slime on my lips

I stretched out my hands

to feel the curves

elation lingers