plush comfort

we see

we listen

we breathe

we taste

we feel

we accept


we please

each other


every way




that is

plush comfort







mind our mind

when our mind doubts

so do we doubt

when our mind worries

so do we worry

when our mind angers

so do we anger


if we free our mind

from bad thoughts

so are we free

from bad thoughts


you and I

let us mind

our mind



when our mind is weak

so are we weak..




one perfect cocktail

bitter green ambarella                          – you

salted brown sour plum                        – me

dash of castor sugar             – sweetness

lots of cold crushed ice         – challenges

blend it all together         – our relationship

pour it into a glass                  – god’s hand

one perfect cocktail      – recipe of our love




two timed

I bled

when the words were uttered

I trusted and believed you

but you betrayed me

you two timed

each time my back was turned

you carelessly

toss faithfulness to the wind

but I forgave you..


I bled

and if not for my believe

that everyone makes mistakes

that everyone deserves

a second chance

and if not for your tears

I could have bitten my tongue

but i did not

I forgave you..


I bled

as these words were uttered

I questioned my decision

to live with a phobia like this

every time your back turns

so help me to sustain us

by not allowing me to doubt you

and confidence will again return

because I forgave you..