Left Hander

I was born a left hander.
It was only after I entered pre-school that my mom, having noticed that I gripped the pencil with my left that she changes it to right.
No wonder I scored higher in creativity, imagination, visualisation, “daydreaming”, rhythm and intuition, now I begin to wonder if my life could have been the same had I not consent to the flip!
But the remnants of my left handed ness still persists, whenever situations entail me to carry things, or to hold something steady.
I just learnt that how people became right-handers is a genetic mutation in our distant past which causes the language centres of our human brain to shift to the left hemisphere, effectively causing right-handedness to dominate 90% of our world.
Oh well… in other words, my mom mutated me to blend in with the majority 😬!


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