Pointing Fingers

GPS went into the ring pointing fingers at the federal for Sarawak’s plight and lack of privileges. So are other states GPS, so are other states. So, you do not need to single yourself out as special and capitalise on that to win votes, which is your ulterior motive. Kingmaker or no kingmaker, every party who decides to shift from one party to another to enable a government to be formed are also kingmakers , not only you. Your arrogance leaves a bitter taste inside our mouths. Your stupidity is laughably. You claim Sarawak was slighted for sixty years. What about your bumiputera statuses? Wasn’t it extended to your people? How about the MPs your residents voted for and the state excos and their representations in Parliament for the last sixty years ? Did they not debate and fight favourably for your benefit? It has always been steered and piloted by Sarawakians for Sarawakians. And the votes came from Sarawak. Thus the arrows should be directed to them and also your own people for poor exertion instead of blaming the people and the federal government of the peninsula. That is unfair and absolutely deceiving. If there are any systemic sidelining of your state and diversion of coffers , and Sarawak has not progressed, perhaps you may prefer to probe Taib Mahmud instead. Right now, brace for negotiations with open arms instead of confronting other parties with a tight fist and high handed bitterness. Charge Taib Mahmud if you will since you are helming Sarawak now. Why don’t you? My two cents.


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