different channels

Religion is like the different channels on the radio. Each channel appeals differently to  the  listeners

and each listener tunes in to their preferred channel  to  soothe  their  senses.  Although  most  may

listen to one channel, there are others who  listens  to  many.  And  there  are  those  who  never  like

the music others create preferring to compose their own. Seldom do one prefer the sound of silence

which is very rare. Atheist, monotheists, polytheists, no  one  can  dictate  our  preference  no  matter







Don’t generalize your art. Stay focused and expand on it so that people can identify

you with it. Experimentation stops after your first public  display.  However  there  is

one guy who is all over the place but still people are loving it. His name is Picasso.

But that created alot of unnecessary doubts a safe collector will stay out of  if  what

they see is not within the perimeters that they could identify you with.